Chikkamagaluru: Jumbo Menace Unhindered – 5 Injured in Herd Attack near Mudigere

Chikkamagaluru: Wild elephants have camped near a few coffee estates in Urubage, Andalu and Ingadi in Mudigere taluk in the district over the past few days.

A herd has played havoc with the coffee and banana growth belonging to Raju, Subbegowda, Jayakumar, Marigowda, Manjaiah and Krishnegowda. The growers’ appeals to the forest personnel to drive the herds away have fallen on deaf ears, they complain.

A few who went to meet the forest staff got only packets of fireworks suggesting ‘do-it-yourself’ methods. Promises to send jeeps and guards to inspect too have proven false.

On Monday, when workers went to one of the estates, a herd is said to have come charging at them. Luckily, they did not bear the brunt direct. They only got injured of slipping and falling while attempting to escape.

Ramesh, Pradeep, Velu, Sundaresh and Chandru were injured. The locals have threatened to stage a massive protest in front of the forest office if immediate steps were not taken to check the menace.

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