Chikkamagaluru: Leopard Enters School during Daytime, Captured after Several Hours

Chikkamagaluru: The city was gripped in panic as a leopard was found straying into a school on Thursday, July 23.

It was something unexpected and unthinkable and hence everyone was taken by surprise. The animal was first spotted near the Kadur Club, marching on the court road. People began running in all directions.

It first attacked Pattabhi Gowda, who was arriving at the court on work with his mother. While trying to save his mother from the onset, he was injured in the hand. Then it ran into the nearby Town Mahila Samaj school compound. Students who were playing there gave a shout of horror.

Unnerved by the noise, the leopard took shelter in the photocopying room and sat under a table. The staff of the school closed the doors and the main gate. By then, the news had spread and people started rushing in large numbers.

The police arrived and shut down the traffic on the road. The forest personnel arrived with a cage and set it in front of the door. One of them, Ganesh, who went to close the doors and windows was bitten by the leopard. After being given first aid, he was shifted to a hospital in Mangaluru. He is said to have lost two fingers.

The students were sent to the district sports ground and then they were sent home. A holiday was declared for the school in the interest of their safety.

A team of experts from the Tyavarekoppa Safari park in Shimoga and veterinarians were asked to come. The door was opened and the leopard was made to march straight into the cage. Precautions like spreading a nylon net to prevent it from escaping for any side were taken.

For the time being, the animal has been taken to Mattavar botanical garden, pending decision about letting in free in a deep forest or a zoo.

Within minutes, the photographs of the entire operation lasting about six hours appeared in the social media. The animal was a male and estimated to be eight years old.

Leopards here, leopards there!

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