Chikkamagaluru: Wild Elephants Wreak Havoc on Rice Fields near Kottigehara

Chikkamagaluru: Three wild elephants from nearby forests charged into rice fields in Taruve village near Kottigehara on Tuesday night, said late reports.

Extensive damage has been done to acres of growth, carefully transplanted and nurtured over the past two months. Much of it has been trampled upon while part of it has been eaten up.

Farmers said that they expected a good yield this year but all that has been ruined. Already they are rattled by problems like erratic rains and the menace of other wildlife.

Large extent of land in the form of rice fields has been left fallow for verious reasons, mainly the shortage of or difficulties involved in the management of labour. The situation has been made worse by the wild animals’ attack.

The solar fencing laid by the department of forests at strategic points has been lying in neglect. Because of lack of maintenance, the fences have been grounded. This has made the march of the wild animals much easier into farm areas.

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