Chinese animation film ‘Monster Hunt’ has American connect

Beijing, Aug 12 (IANS) Chinese animation film “Monster Hunt” has had a box office of over 2 billion yuan (approximately $313 million) since it debuted and has enthralled audiences with its special effects and vivid animated figures. However, few people know that all of these came from a Chinese company called Base FX, which was founded by an American named Christopher Bremble.

Bremble, who graduated from the University of Southern California, came to China for his second movie in 2002.

He soon became very interested in Chinese culture and decided to pay attention to it. When Bremble was working on his third movie, he made up his mind and moved his post production to China, People’s Daily reported.

In 2006, Base FX was “born” in Beijing. Now Bremble has been in China for 13 years.

In the beginning, Bremble faced some obstacles when running the company, but luckily he did not give up right away. As time moved by, more talented people joined the company.

On top of that, governmental policy support also helped attract more artists to participate in international activities like these.

The great potential in the Chinese film market is another factor that attracts Bremble to stay in China.

He believes for entertainment movies, visual effect is a vital component.

In April 2014, Base FX and 20 other Chinese film technology companies formed an alliance, majorly focusing on post-production field, and aiming to foster the development of the Chinese movie industry.

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