Chinese colleges admit visually-impaired students

Beijing, Aug 4 (IANS) Chinese colleges have admitted two visually-impaired students who recently passed the country’s college admission exam (gaokao), a media report said on Tuesday.

Zheng Rongquan, a 20-year-old visually-impaired student, was admitted by the education department of the Wenzhou University in Zhejiang province, the Global Times reported.

“I feel very excited that I can go to college,” said Zheng, who emphasised that he does not need the school to provide special care except for braille textbooks.

In addition to Zheng, Huang Ying, a blind student from Ningxia Hui region, was admitted by the social work department of the Wuhan University of Technology in Hubei province.

Last year, the education ministry stipulated that visually-impaired people should be given access to braille or electronic exam papers, as well as support staff, so that they can appear for the gaokao.

There are at least 12 million visually-impaired people in China.


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