Chinese cross-dresser arrested in Japan

Tokyo, Nov 9 (IANS) A cross-dressing Chinese tourist was arrested for entering the women’s section of a public bath at a popular seaside resort in Japan, the media reported on Monday.

The man, Xia Liang, 36, was arrested in Wakayama province’s Shirahama locality, after he entered the bath’s ‘women only’ zone dressed in a kimono and a wig, EFE news reported.

Once inside, he wrapped himself in a towel and went to the “rotenburo” (open air hot bath) reserved exclusively for women, where people normally enter naked.

A customer then alerted an employee of the facility when he began to take pictures with his smartphone, using a selfie stick.

The police verified later that Xia, who arrived in Japan on November 6 on a six-day trip, did not take photos of any women in the bath.

He explained to the police that he entered the women’s “rotenburo” after hearing that the view from there is magnificent.

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