Chinese Sudoku enthusiasts create world record

Beijing, July 27 (IANS) Two hundred young enthusiasts in China set a Guinness World Record by successfully solving the largest multi-Sudoku puzzle in the world, a media report said on Monday.

The puzzle consisted 200 standard Sudoku grids chained diagonally, with the overlapping areas complying with the rules of adjacent grids. It was created specifically for the event by members of Beijing Sudoku Association, the China Daily reported.

“It is the first successful attempt at creating and solving such a large multi-Sudoku puzzle,” Cheng Dong, an authenticator from the Guinness World Records, said.

“We hope that by setting the record, more people, especially teenagers in China, will get to know the glamour of Sudoku, and the pleasure of solving the puzzle in the process,” Cheng added.

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