Chinese tourists warned over their behaviour overseas

Beijing, Sep 28 (IANS) Chinese tourists have been reminded by overseas embassies to behave well and respect local laws, regulations and customs as the National Day holiday approaches, the media reported on Monday.

In a security notice on its website, the Chinese embassy in Canada reminded Chinese tourists visiting the country to dress well, avoid loud arguments and to refrain from drawing graffiti, the China Daily reported.

“When flights are delayed, these tourists should do their best to understand and cooperate,” the embassy said.

The Chinese embassy in Thailand released a similar notice, saying that anyone traveling overseas with a condescending attitude would “ruin their own image”.

Every Chinese tourist should represent the country’s image, the notice said, adding, “It is true patriotism to respect other people and behave civilly.”

Travel agencies including, China Youth Travel Service and all said bookings during the holiday had increased by at least by 150 percent year-on-year.

But amid the boom, some Chinese tourists have triggered controversy with reports of bad behavior, including four visitors who vented out their anger in Bangkok on September 4 after an announcement that their return flight to Chongqing would be delayed by about nine hours because of bad weather and technical issues.

In April, the China National Tourism Administration started to keep records of bad behaviour.

So far, 11 incidents have been reported.

Dai Bin, director of the China Tourism Academy, said more legal measures should be introduced to regulate tourists’ behaviour.

“Some behaviour cannot just be categorised as uncivilised, such as drawing graffiti on ancient relics. Such behaviour should be punished according to laws or regulations,” Dai added.

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