Choose right jewellery for monsoon

New Delhi, Aug 1 (IANS) Moisture and humidity levels hit a high during the rainy season, and this can leave your jewellery damaged. Go for plastic jewellery items that come in bright and vibrant colours and avoid metallic jewellery, says an expert.

Tania M Kathuria, jewellery designer and stylist, TI Couture, has shared tips to choose the correct jewellery for the monsoon season.

* People avoid wearing jewellery during the rainy season. But you can go for plastic jewellery items that come in bright and vibrant colours. There is a plethora of plastic jewellery items available in the market.

* It is better not to be over-accessorised in this season when it comes to jewellery. Statement pieces work well. One bright neck piece, a broad bangle or a long earring can be enough to keep you comfortable yet stylish. Something light and easy to carry without too much hassle would be a great choice.

* If you are wearing long earrings, keep your neck bare or you can wear a chunky neck piece and pair it with a small stud or ear cuff.

* Broad bangles are good choices for monsoon as they alone cover a greater portion of your hand and you do not need to wear anything else on hands. Watches with multi-coloured big dials or watches with coloured straps are also great ideas.

* Avoid metallic jewellery or watches with metallic straps if they are not waterproof. Jewellery made up of jute and wood is also not appropriate for monsoon.


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