City gets first showers

City gets first showers

Udupi: After witnessing a rise in the temperature during the past few months, some parts of the city, especially Udupi and Brahmavar, received light showers on Wednesday, May 11.

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It was a sunny morning as usual and the weather was quite hot till afternoon. However, by evening around 5 pm, thick and dark clouds covered the skies and the city received rainfall. The cloudy atmosphere that prevailed all through the day led to drizzling in some places of Kundapur and Brahmavar.

The sun has been particularly harsh on the city and the temperature touched 35 to 38 degrees Celsius in the city during the past few days.

Due to first shower, the power supply was disrupted as soon as it started raining. The heavy downpour lasted for over 30 minutes.

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People cheered the sudden shift in temperature as the cool waves washed over the city. They ventured out to enjoy the first showers that followed a heavy gale.

Students were thrilled by the sudden showers and enjoyed the cloudy sky after a long time.

With the district facing scarcity of drinking water, the sudden showers are expected to bring relief to people.

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