Cleanliness & good health are inter-related – Dr Shivashankar Murthy

Cleanliness & good health are inter-related – Dr Shivashankar Murthy during RKM’s Swacchata Abhiyan

Mangaluru: 7th Shramadan of 5th phase of Ramakrishna Mission Swacchata Abhiyan was carried out in the surroundings of Mangalore Central Railway Station from 7.30 am to 10.30 am on 20th January 2019. The Shramadan was flagged off by Dr Shivashankar Murthy, Senior Railway Health Officer and Dr Ananth Prabhu, Advisor to Vikas P U College. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ananth Prabhu said, “Unless the public mind is cleaned this nation cannot be cleaned. This Abhiyan will be meaningful only if citizens act responsibly. Hence we congratulate and thank Ramakrishna Mission for carrying on Swacch Manas awareness programme along with such Abhiyans.” Dr Shivashankar Murthy said, “If Cleanliness is considered as a virtue then only the dream of Swacch Bharath can be realised. Cleanliness & good health are inter-related. If we are to be healthy we have to keep our surroundings clean. Such Abhiyans are great motivating factors to keep our surroundings clean”. Ramkumar, Railway Station Manager, Police officer ASI Binoya, Deputy Station Master Kishan, and other staff of the railway department were present. Swami Ekagamyanandaji welcomed the guests.

About 300 volunteers were divided into 6 teams and shramadan was carried out in the outer precincts of the Railway station and the adjoining roads. All the youths participating in the Prerana – Residential Youth Camp being held at Ramakrishna Math for the last 2 days also participated in the Abhiyan. The first team led by Rajgopal Shetty & Subhoday Alva cleaned both sides of the road from Railway Station towards Town Hall. The second team under Yogish Kayarthadka & Sudhir Vamanjoor cleaned the area from the station towards Attavara. They removed heaps of sand and garbage lying on the footpaths. The third team was led by Subraya Nayak cleaned the area towards Milagres Circle. The fourth team led by Kamalaksha Pai cleaned the premises of office of Regional Railway Manager by removing weeds and overgrown grass. Smt Yashoda Rai, Smitha Shenoy and other women volunteers in the fifth team cleaned the lower parking area in front of the station. Sixth team members cleaned the upper parking lot in front of the station along with Mohammad Shameem, Himmat Singh & others.

A spot on the roadside towards Attavara from Railway Station was dumping place for garbage for years together. It was also turned into urinals by the public. Passers-by were always found to cover their nose and the stinking smell in the area was unbearable. Swacch Mangaluru volunteers Chethana, Dinesh, Suma Kodikal & others thoroughly cleaned the area and disinfectant powder was sprinkled on the spot. A similar spot on the roadside towards Townhall from Railway Station was also cleaned and the shop vendors were urged to keep the area clean. Volunteers Shraddha S K, Kanchana, Prof. Ramnath, Nisha, Kiran Fernandes and others participated.

NSS students of KPT under the guidance of Ramakrishna Mission carried out Shramadan on Airport road. KPT circle, Bus shelter and the road & footpaths leading towards Airport were cleaned by the volunteers. Sri Sooraj, lecturer guided the volunteers along with Gowtham, Mahagunda & others.

In association with Dakshina Kannada & Udupi Zilla Panchayats, Ramakrishna Mission is carried on Swacch Gram Abhiyan in several villages. Today, Abhiyans were carried out in Balila, Hebri, Shirva, Amasebail, Jokatte, Padumurnadu, Kutrappady, Madamakki, Barkur, Padupanambur and in more than 30 villages. MRPL is sponsoring these drives.

We have attached several snaps of these drives. We request you to publish the report and thus participate in “Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan” making it more effective and successful.

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  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness is a clear saying that is fully applicable to a country such as India where the population is thriving all over our Cities, towns and villages. The daily garbage that is thrown all over the place without any concern is unbelievable. How much can a Municipality or a Punchayath render to the people while the budgets are limited and the relevant taxes collected are negligible. While people are conscious of the need for cleaner environments and cleaner sanitary procedures, the Government resources are indeed limited while the overall daily needs are enormous.

    Compared to many Cities of India, the City of Mangalore deserves the timely praise because we are striving the utmost to keep our City clean and organized. Our trash is collected regularly and the place is kept clean and neat. We even noticed that the domestic garbage is even collected regularly with enough warning, and the neighborhood is awakened by the crew in uniform coming to collect domestic garbage.

    Cleanliness throughout the city is improving every day, and our City fathers are more vigilant than many other cities of India. We are great believers that the “Smart City” concept does not merely relate to high technology and various costly and time consuming devices, but the daily cleanliness and upkeep of every corner of the city is of paramount importance. India has abundance of rich people who need to come forward voluntarily and help the City to maintain orderliness and clean environment. Let all our teachers and students in every Educational Institute come forward and teach the rest of the world the importance of clean environment. Let the pubic learn the substance of the benefit of cleaner city that will bring healthy atmosphere of reminder to each and everyone that cleanliness helps to bring healthier outlook to the entire city as a whole. This is the best time Mangalore should wake up and become a role model to the rest of India.

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