CM Appoints Ivan D’Souza as Chief Whip of KLC

CM Appoints Ivan D’Souza as Chief Whip of Karnataka Legislative Council

Mangaluru: MLC Ivan D’Souza has been appointed as the Chief Whip of Karnataka Legislative Council by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on July 2.

MLC Ivan will be taking charge on July 4 in Bengaluru.


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Speaking to, Ivan said, “I am very happy to get this post. I am the first person to achieve this post from Karnataka and the first time that a person from the Christian community will assume this office in the history of the 110 years of the legislative council. I have been in politics for 31 years and I am the first Catholic who has achieved this post within two years of being in the legislative council.”

As soon as the news spread, Congress party workers distributed sweets and burst fire crackers in front of Ivan D’Souza’s residence in Valencia.

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  1. Congratulations to Mr. Ivan D’Souza.

    You certainly deserve to obtain a responsible and respective
    post rather than a being a mere MLC with no real authority.

    May God guide you and lead you to serve the community
    in Mangalore and Udupi districts with utmost love and
    care, and look and act into all those grievances reported
    by on a daily basis.

    Being in Politics does not mean to get glory from a bunch
    of people bursting crackers and distributing sweets in
    front of your home.

    You should give glory to God for all HIS blessing on you
    and your hard work, being in politics for 31 years!

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