Coining of ‘Hindu terror’ weakened anti-terror fight: Govt

New Delhi (PTI): Government today hit out at Congress, saying the term “Hindu terrorism” coined by its previous government had “weakened” the fight against the scourge by diverting the direction of probe into the incidents of terrorism.


Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who made a statement on Gurdaspur attack in Lok Sabha a day after his speech on the issue was disrupted in Rajya Sabha, attacked the opposition for making it appear that Parliament is divided on terrorism.

After making the statement, he raked up a host of issues, including Sharm-el Sheikh fiasco and statements at Havana NAM Summit besides the 1962 war with China, to underline Congress’ alleged failures, adding fuel to fire in the protests.

Singh’s statement on the Gurdaspur attack was heard in rapt attention with Congress members suspending their protests and returning to their seats from the Well after the Leader of the party Mallikarjun Kharge asked him to do so.

But as soon as he concluded his statement, Congress members again stormed the Well and it was a scene of protests and disruptions in the House as seen from day one of the Monsoon session over the Lalit Modi and Vyapam issues.

This prompted Singh to attack the Congress. “Terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the country. Neither Parliament nor the country should appear divided on this… On the one hand, our jawans making the supreme sacrifice while fighting against terror, on the other we have this noise and disruption. How can the country accept this,” he said.

Expressing readiness to answer any question on the issue if proper notice is given for a discussion, he said, “Our government and the Prime Minister are constantly making efforts to deal with the challenge.”

As the protests intensified, he hit back, “In this House in 2013, the then Home Minister (P Chidambaram) had coined the new terminology ‘Hindu terrorism’ in order to change the direction of probe. It weakened our fight. As a consequence, Hafiz Sayeed (LeT founder) of Pakistan had congratulated the then Home Minister. Our government will never allow such a shameful situation again.”

Livid Congress members wanted to react but were not allowed by Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, prompting angry protests by the opposition lawmakers, many of whom were seen waving the rule book to make their point.

“This is very unfortunate. You are losing our respect,” Kharge was heard remarking amid the din. Opposiiton members crowded around her table to draw her attention that she should allow Kharge to speak but in vain.


  1. “Terrorism is the biggest challenge facing the country. Neither Parliament nor the country should appear divided on this… -Home Minister Rajnath Singh

    Dear readers,

    When ‘Saffron terror’ tumbled one after the other exposed by martyr Late Hemant Karkare, BJP in opposition coined for terrorist, sharpened attacks on former Home Minister Shinde and UPA being biased to Hindu.A day after taking over as the president of the BJP, Rajnath Singh has threatened the UPA government with dire consequences if it does not dismiss Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde for his saffron terror remarks.

    Why does Rajnath singh deny of meeting terrorist Sadhvi pragya when he had met her actually?

    Rajnath singh and RSS must clarify whether people, including slain Sunil Joshi, Ramjee Kalangsara, Sandeep Dange, Lokesh Sharma are associated with them or not?

    Why Advani went and Sushma Swaraj had met the Prime Minister over Pragya Thakur’s arrest?

    Can Singh reveal the details of close door meeting of Mohan Bhagwat prior to Mumbai attack? If the BJP believes terror has no religion or colour who gave orders of ‘Go slow’ in saffron terror and removed public prosecutor Shalini?

    Terror accused links RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat to three major 2007 blasts

    Swami Aseemanand’s radical service to the Sangh [4]
    By LEENA GITA REGHUNATH [5] | February 1, 2014
    – See more at:

    If the terrorists have come from across the border then there is a security lapse as also failure of the intelligence agencies whether our agencies did not know the intentions of terrorist outfits?

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi who earlier praised his counterpart Sheikh Hasina for her courage in fighting terrorism “despite being a woman”, can he take some cue from her to “hot pursuits” and “precision strikes” like Myanmar by Indian Army “did a Rambo on Naga militants,” in Pakistan instead exchange of shawl,sari for Biryani and Mangoes?
    If Pakistan’s “complicity” was proved, postponing the talks with Islamabad should be considered as an option.There are meeting one after the other,why Modi is not particular about Dawood Ibrahim extradition from Pakistan?

    Singh should start early treatment for Dementia and ask why his government in the past during Former PM Vajpayee bartered the most dreaded terrorist to Afghanistan accompanying the Home minister Mr.Jaswant Singh on state security advisor Brijesh advice?

    Lastly,Why the RSS ‘Social organisation’ need weapons training? Does they file yearly audit of their financial transaction from 40 different countries?

    Jai hind

    • Look who is lecturing Sri Modiji on Paakistaan!! LOL Sharia Shaikh should first show some courage and answer my earlier questions. Does he even consider Pakistan as our enemy nation? Doe he consider Dawood Ibrahim as an Anti-Indian?

      You have been repeating sadhwi Pragya, Purohita and Karkare for many years now. These three names pale in comparison to number of peaceful people busted every year!! Please note that your taqiyya trick doesn’t work anymore. The world knows who the real enemies of modernity, science and progress are!!

  2. The party of 44-members is a national embarrassment!! They have nothing better to do. They are only good at disrupting things as dictated by tourist-in-chief and her ‘brahmana’ son. How can anyone play politics with the issue of terrorism when Pakistaan is our next-door neighbor is beyond me!! These Congress members throw tantrum when someone points out their hypocrisy and weakness. What a bunch of cry babies!!

    I fully agree with Raaajanaath Singh. We all remember how Mundu-wearing Chidambaram was unwilling to identify true enemy. The entire world outside the ‘peaceful belt’ clearly knows who the real terrorists are. Still, he was more interested in playing ‘vote bank’ politics at the cost of national security. This party of 44 MPs and its support base should be ashamed of themselves for diluting an important discussion on national security issue. That is, if they have any shame!!

    • They have nothing better to do. They are only good at disrupting things as dictated by tourist-in-chief and her ‘brahmana’ son. – RampaNNA

      Sushma Swaraj, as Opposition leader in the previous Lok Sabha, said that “not allowing Parliament to function is also a form of democracy, like any other form”. Arun Jaitley, her counterpart in the Rajya Sabha, publicly endorsed her sentiments.

      – Pavan K. Varma in outlookindia

      When that is the case, it makes one wonder what our blessed and most honorable Justice Rampanna is doing by sitting on the judgement seat AND sermonizing AND passing verdict and THAT TOO from his blessed ‘Yumreekan BoddaNNA’!

      Jai Justice Rampanna Ki

      • Dear Joker Praveena Pinto,
        Don’t expect me to support sushma swaraaja Modi. Here is the bigger question – Why was parliament disrupted? Is it because the ruling party refused to acknowledge and act on real issues such as corruption cases as we witnessed over and over during UPA tenure? Or, was it disrupted simply to score political point as reported during recent Sonia-Tharoor incident ? Why would anyone disrupt parliament when terrorism funded by Pakistan was being discussed?

  3. Government today hit out at Congress, saying the term “Hindu terrorism” coined by its previous government had “weakened” e by diverting the direction of probe into the incidents of terrorism. – REPORT.





    The RSS had tried its best to shatter the image of India, internationally, by repeatedly highlighting the 1962 Chinese aggression AD INFINITUM, up to 2015 and beyond. However, at last, Congress redeem its rightful image as a strong country by its victory in the 1965 Indo-Pak War and then, again by splitting Pakistan in to two countries by sending our armed forces openly (and not covertly) to east Pakistan, in spite of US sending its Navy’s 7th fleet, armed to the hilt by Nuclear weapons, and then by India making the USA to eat the humble pie! Congress Party and Indira Gandhi catapulted India towards de facto Super Power status, by exploding nuclear bomb at Pokhran in 1974 and by making India fifth largest economy of the world.

    Original Duplicate and the RSS may attack me by saying how can you misappropriate the victory by our army and the scientists as Congress achievements. My only answer to it is the following. If the 1962 Chinese aggression and the resultant disgrace is due to Congress failure, (and NOT ARMY FAILURE), then for all the subsequent victories and achievements, Congress alone is entitled to and not the army.


  4. Coining of ‘Hindu terror’ weakened anti-terror fight: Govt.

    Just coining of a word debased RSS , BJP and Modi. If this be the case, how can BJP defend India?

    In Hindi there is a saying “NACH NA JANE ANGAN TEDHA “!
    RSS must know that defending India is not twirling lathis in the air!!
    Oratorical wizardry of Modi could fool Indians, but it serves by no means to defend the Country. They must learn from Congress to fight and defeat the enemy, for their “Baudhic” is like ಕೋಣನ ಮುಂದೆ ಕಿನ್ನರಿ ಬಾರಿಸಿದಂತೆ!

  5. How can anyone play politics with the issue of terrorism when Pakistaan is our next-door neighbor is beyond me!! -Atheist Mr.Original Pai

    There is no other party other than RSS political wing BJP can do it more precisely exploiting every opportunity when it comes to cross border terrorism.

    On the campaign trail, Modi recently recommended that India follow a “zero tolerance” policy against terrorism — in his view, following a major terrorist incident, the Indian government should “do more and speak less.” .Now Modi government is completely focused on overthrowing Muftis in J&K by covert policies and deputed Ram Madhav overlooking the state issues.In the meantime Chinese have taken advantage of Western border conflict and kept marching inside the Indian borders redrwing it time to time despite handshakes and terrocota photoshoot. The BJP who opposed the UPA ‘Bangladesh land deal’ now quick to sign taking credit out of it.

    More than year in office “Why is the Indian government not able to get Dawood? Do these things happen through the medium of newspapers? Did the U.S. issue a press note before they killed bin Laden? Did the U.S. government hold a press conference saying they will go on this particular date to get bin Laden? Can reply to his own question?

    “Terrorism, Maoism, narco-terrorism and fake currency, all these issues are destroying the country from within. are the notes of Modi before the elections.What is government action other than lip service?

    Despite 272+ or just 2 in parliament, the party is gone to its original roots using the same tantrum of communal card more and more.While PM Modi busy collecting his ‘Air Miles’ English master Rajnath Singh doesn’t know where to start. Modi is only to be in seen in ‘Selfie’ or ‘mann ki baat’ poorly exposing our soldiers to firing line.

    While it comes to ratings policy paralysis government other than rebranding UPA successful schemes nothing achieved.Neither internal security nor external security remains their piece of meal.Party of difference is only good in mass orchastring of ‘Kavala'(riots).

    Jai hind

  6. BJP desperately wants to shut down the terrorism cases against RSS affiltiated groups. It refuses to hold RSS affiliated groups to the same standard of law and justice as other terror groups. BJP always demands special treatment for RSS groups.

    • Terrorism cases against RSS affiliated groups ? Why are you holding RSS responsible for a few bad apples? It’s people like you and other fake-secular groups who are very biased and trying to get rid of RSS. I remember all the fake outrage over ‘church attacks’ after BJP came to power even though those incidents had nothing to do with BJP or RSS. Now that we all know the truth, I don’t remember seeing anyone come forward and apologize for wrongfully blaming BJP/RSS. Well, it takes honesty to do it. Do you know what it is?

      Also, why is that you guys run away and hide when it comes to terrorism by ‘peaceful’ groups ? Can anyone make a movie like ‘PK’ on peaceful folks? Forget movies, can you even draw a simple picture and survive? I haven’t seen you confronting sharia sponsored terrorism during recent cartoon controversy. Well, it takes courage to do it. Do you know what it is?

      • Dear Original RSS – Duplicate Secular – Paimaam of USA,

        It is music for me to hear from you, “Well, it takes honesty to do it. Do you know what it is?”

        If the BJP has the guts, they must say if they oppose the idiosyncrasy of Mohan Bhagwat, talking in harsher voice than the terrorists.

        RSS and Honesty are poles apart. Sir, please do not disgrace the very word ‘honesty’ by uttering it. It sounds very very bad from your mouth!

      • Original Duplicate observes “Now that we all know the truth, I don’t remember seeing anyone come forward and apologize for wrongfully blaming BJP/RSS. Well, it takes honesty to do it. Do you know what it is?”

        Yes, the BJP and RSS are misusing their power to get rid of the legal actions against them. They did it in Gujrat. Now the public prosecutor, Advocate M/S Salian of Bombay said she was directed by the BJP government “to go soft on the Hindu Terrorists”.

        Sir, you lement “I don’t remember seeing anyone come forward and apologize for wrongfully blaming BJP/RSS.”

        Tell us, if RSS does the wrongs, why should anybody apologise?

  7. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, attacked the opposition for making it appear that Parliament is divided on terrorism.

    RSS wants Indians to believe that BJP leaders going to Pakistan and declaring that Mohammed Ali Jinnah was the most secular leader of India and declaring that Nehru was the culprit who divided India, is a pariotic deed! It has not sent any wrong signals to the international community!

    Joining hands with Sikh terrorists for a decade, and exonerating the person who was the President of Khalistan Government in Exile at London, which issued Khalistan currency, Khalistan Passport, Khalistan Flag hoisting and terrorists organising Khalistan Liberation Army; yet RSS joining hands with them for Sikh Vote Bank in Punjab, Joining hands with ultra terrorist Mehboobaa Mufti to form a government in Kashmir and tacitly permitting hoisting of Pakistan Flag there as of routine, etc after BJP-Mufti Government seized power there, hoisting ISIS flag along with Pakistani flag even as Modi was visiting the area, daily violation of our boarder by Pakistan and China, etc do not send any signals!?

    We knew that RSS is shameless, but people ho voted them did not. That is the tragedy!

  8. From Ajaz Ashraf

    Dear Rajnath, ‘Hindu terror’ is exactly the word for Abhinav Bharat extremists

    From this perspective, how are we to view the Malegaon and Ajmer Dargah blasts, the bombing of Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad and the Samjhauta Express, in which members of the militant Hindu group Abhinav Bharat, and individuals owing allegiance to the RSS, have been implicated? Were these violent acts merely retribution against Muslim terror? Or did its perpetrators have a larger political objective?
    The purpose of their mission is spelt out in the reams of court papers pertaining to the Malegaon blasts case, in which Rohini Salian was appointed as Special Public Prosecutor. Obviously, Salian has been through these papers with a fine toothcomb.

    Salian recently went public saying she was under pressure from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to go soft on the case. In her disclosure to The Indian Express, Salian had said, “From those conversations we got to know the actual story, they wanted a central Hindu rashtra, they don’t recognise the Constitution of India, had their own constitution written, their own flag — even their Bharat Mata was an armed one.”

    Salian’s statement clearly establishes that this group of accused had a well-defined political objective of establishing the Hindu state. Their inspiration was Hindu culture; they rejected the secular foundation of the Indian Constitution and the notion of equality of all before the law.

    This is precisely why to label their terror as Hindu is right, a point Singh has failed to grasp in his rush to score brownie points and paint Congress as anti-Hindu.

    • Dear Roy, thanks for publishing the views of Ajaz Ashraf. Sir, in fact the world coined as “Hindu terror”, is the mildest form of depicting the RSS extremism.

      Since 1947 and prior to 1992 there was no organised Muslim terror in India.

      Only after the demolition of the disputed structure at Ayodhya, in utter disregard of the law of the land and the undertaking given by the Hindu Terrorists, camouflaged as “Kar Sevaks”, to the Supreme Court of India, the patriotic Indian Muslims were disenchanted with the system and that is when they took law into their hands and the Islamic terror raised its hood in India.

      See all those Muslims who are involved. Most of them are well educated Muslim youths having remarkable professional attainments and leading peaceful respectable life, by earning good income as patriotic Indians. They were disenchanted. They realised that Hindu Terror is real and they must opt for back-to-the-wall fight to defend their faith, They were made to fight by the RSS.For, RSS would have its relevance only if Muslims are rendered terrorists! They did it!!

      But the Hindu Terror was there since 1925, the day from which RSS was born. My father was waylaid in 1948 by the RSS in Kumbla for his sheer act of immersing the ashes of Bapuji in the sea at Kumbla! They collected Godse Defence Fund at four anna per person to defend Godse, the murderer of Gandhi. They had a feast in Kumbla on the 12th day of assassination of Gandhi in the area where there was a big tin-shed, erected by the Military camp at Kumbla and abandoned after the 2nd World War, by name “Lahor Shed”! The Hindu Terror was dormant till Congress is defeated. Now, it would flare up like a killer epidemic.

      I beseech every democratic Indian to take the RSS to task, or else we would find democracy buried deep in India!

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