Colourful Giraffe


Name: Angelin Elsa
Age: 8 Years
Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi
School:  IV Standard, Leens School Abu Dhabi
Name of Father: Jeni
Name of Mother: Leena

I am the only child to my parents.   I love my school, my teacher and all my friends.  We are having real good fun at the Summer Camp organized by Leens School.  We sing, play, dance and learn Yoga.  


My name is Angelin  and I am studying in Grade III  at Leens School Abu Dhabi.   I   love the birds and animals, because they are very cute though they cannot speak. They are  God?s creation and we should not harm them.  I have visited the Al Ain zoo many times, with my parents and friends and  I just like to be with those cute birds. 

I took part in the colouring competition organized by  Tiffany and and won the third  prize in the Junior category.  Hope you like  my colourful  Giraffe  walking in the desert,  standing in the open with a few  trees in the background.