Compensation Disbursement Special Adalat held at MVS

Compensation Disbursement Special Adalat held at Mini Vidhana Soudha

Mangaluru: The Compensation Disbursement Special Adalat, that was held today on June 11 by the district administration, saw a large number of former land owners claim their compensation here, at the Mini Vidhana Soudha.


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Speaking on the sidelines to mediapersons, Ibrahim said that the adalat had been organised after reviewing the cases with pending disbursements and arriving at the best possible way to clear them. “These cases have been pending as many properties belonged to absentee land owners. There are many such cases in Mangalore where the land owners live in Mumbai or abroad. Many properties also have old khatas that are still in the names of people who have passed away and the khatas haven’t been updated to reflect the current owner. We need citizens to update their RTCs and keep all records current, and we will be organising such adalats in future to achieve that,” said the DC.

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The compensation was provided speedily for cases of arbitration, while others had to get their documents verified before receiving it. The total pending compensation of Rs 53.62 crores to be disbursed, and has been lying in the DC’s office as no claims had been made by the former land owners. Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim visited the adalat and inspected the process being carried out by the officials.

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An NHAI official, speaking to mediapersons said that there are currently 298 RTCs that the adalat has to clear. “The cases that had been applied for arbitration will receive their compensation immediately since we already have their verified documents. For the other cases, we will be verifying the documents and once that is over, the compensation will be dispensed,” he added.

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