Congratulations on your Birthday Astel

Congratulations on your Birthday Astel

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Dear Astel

May your life turn out to be
Cute and colorful
Just like your birthday balloons
That look so beautiful
May your life always present
Opportunities that are enticing
Just like your birthday cake that has
A delicious cream icing
May you always have many friends
Like the ones invited to your party
Just like your mood on your birthday
May you always be happy

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many more wonderful years ahead. May God Bless you and may all your dreams come true.

Wishes from Mom & Dad
Violet & Joseph Pereira
Bro Ronak Pereira

Wishes from
Alice Fernandes (Mai) Kulshekar
Vincent / Ivy, Allen, Vanissa & Arnold (Dubai),
Lancy / Sunitha, Melita & Linora,
Joseph /Flavy & Ashley,
Janet / Roney, Ruth / Cowan & Orpha (Dubai),
Maxim / Anita & Michelle,
Felcy / Rocky, Robin, Ronston & Roydon,
Rajesh/ Sunitha, Tanya, Tanisha & Sylvin (Kuwait)
Ramcy / Latha, Ian & Aaron (Dubai)
Roshan / Divya, Aiden & Arica,
Kiran / Sushma & Adline Nia



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