Congratulations on your birthday Orpha Suares

Congratulations on your birthday!!

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Dear Orpha

When you were born
The stars must have been perfectly aligned
To give us a loving daughter
With whom our life is intertwined
When you were born
The Gods must have thought
Let’s give this wonderful little girl
To this couple who will love her a lot
Happy birthday, dear daughter

Wishing you both a very happy birthday and many more wonderful years ahead.
May the Almighty God shower his choicest blessings on you always !!

With lots of love, hugs and kisses from

Janet & Roney Suares (Mom & Dad)
Ruth & Cowan Pereira (Dubai)


Wishes from
Alice Fernandes (Mai) Kulshekar
Vincent / Ivy, Allen, Vanissa & Arnold (Dubai),
Lancy / Sunitha, Melita & Linora,
Joseph /Flavy & Ashley,
Violet & Joseph Pereira, Ronak & Astel Pereira
Janet / Roney, Ruth / Cowan & Orpha (Dubai),
Maxim  / Anita & Michelle,
Felcy / Rocky, Robin, Ronston & Roydon,
Rajesh/ Sunitha, Tanya, Tanisha & Sylvin (Kuwait)
Ramcy / Latha, Ian & Aaron (Dubai)
Roshan / Divya, Aiden & Arica,
Kiran / Sushma & Adline Nia

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