Congress, BJP in war of words over army’s 2011 ‘Operation Ginger’

Congress, BJP in war of words over army’s 2011 ‘Operation Ginger’

New Delhi, Oct 9 (IANS) The Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress on Sunday indulged in a war of words after it emerged that the Indian Army conducted a deadly surgical strike on Pakistan’s military outposts in 2011 as well.

Codenamed ‘Operation Ginger’, the strike is said to be the deadliest cross-border operation in which at least eight Pakistani soldiers were killed and several others fatally injured by Indian commandos.

Congress spokesman Sanjay Jha said: “It is an insult to the army and the defence establishment to say that such surgical strikes (September 29) never happened before. It is only that the then Manmohan Singh government never publicised such strikes because it was not consistent with our policy.”

He said it was the responsibility of the media, the Congress and everyone else to expose the “brazen lies propagated by the ruling party (BJP) for political advantage”.

On the other hand, the BJP said no covert military operation of the magnitude of the September 29 strikes had been done before.

“The surgical strike was done by the army. But Prime Minister Narendra Modi provided the leadership and comfort to the army to conduct a strike of this magnitude,” BJP spokesman Syed Zafar Islam said.

He said the Congress was feeling insecure due to the rising popularity of the Modi government.


  1. Only ‘mann ki baat, no kaam ki baat’. RSS political wing BJP now stoop to the lowest to remain in power.

    Only achievement of the party is ‘human sacrifice to keep the sanctity of Go mata’. How can nation will trust who said is golden words “If you want to attack, attack me and not Dalits. If you want to shoot, shoot me and not Dalits,”.

    Why the 56 inch gets deflated when dealing with cow vigilantes? How such people can safeguard the interest of country, which hesitate to put forward the truth and use soldiers martyrdom for political gain?

    In the past ‘coffin scam’ . Now ‘Surgical strike’.

    Jai Hind

  2. Congress is very confused. It keeps changing its position on this issue. If this had happened before, why were they asking for proof and calling it a ‘fake’? Congress party leadership and its devotees are feeling very insecure ever since they were reduced to 44-seats. It is not easy for them to accept the reality of new India. Here is a brilliant piece by Talveen Singh –

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