Congress fights for country and BJP fights for power – Rai

Congress fights for country and BJP fights for power – Rai

Mangaluru: “In the name of Dharma, God and patriotism some anti-social elements are creating problems in the society and not allowing others to live in peace. The so-called Chaddi Parivar (I don’t call them Sangh Parivar) in the name of Gau Rakshaks kill innocent people. Recently Modi in his speech said, 80% of the Gau Rakshaks indulge in criminal activities, whereas I say more than 80% of the so called cow protectors have the criminal background”, said the Congress leader and district minister in-charge B Ramanath Rai at a press meet held at the Circuit house here on August 23.

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Earlier in the name of Gau Rakshaks the minority was attacked, now the backward class is also being targetted. In Bantwal Harish Poojary was killed. The people of the district should oppose such acts by the Sangh Parivar. The Sangh Parivar has created communalism and are killing innocent people. Recently in Kenjur Praveen Poojary was killed by the Gau Rakshaks. We have met the Inspector General and demanded strict action against the Cow protectors. In the name of Gau Rakshaks innocent people have been targetted. We need to oppose communalism by the so-called cow protectors, all people of this district should unitedly oppose this.

Recalling the recent programme held in Mangaluru University, Rai said it wasn’t a programme to respect Rani Abbakka, but was a political drama. Amit Shah had announced Yeddyurappa as the CM in the next elections. We condemn such programmes organised within the University campus. The syndicate members have also written letters to the government. In the name of Tiranga Yatra, BJP is trying to fool people. In Nagpur, they did not hold any Tiranga Yatra.

Rai alleged “Modi says, Congress fought before the Independence but BJP fought after Independence. Yes, Congress fought for freeing the country from the British, but BJP fought for power by creating communalism. The Congress fights for the country and BJP fights for power”.

Congress fought for the elimination of hunger, poverty and worked hard for the welfare of the poor people. Congress has worked to nationalize the banks for the development of the country, whereas BJP is working hard to divide the people in the name of communalism.

When asked about holding Nehru’s programme at the University, Rai said that the programme was held by the ABVP in association with the University with the leadership of Vice Chancellor.

MUDA Chairman Ibrahim Kodijal, Sashidhar Hegde, Mithun Rai, Kavitha Sanil and others were also present.


  1. Mr. Ramnath Pai, all politicians are the same. No one fights for their country, but for power, because power translates into many things, ego, illegal wealth, all perquisites, junkets, etc. If Congress had fought for the country, when Congress and UPA were in power what interaction did Dr. Manmohan Singh had with the people he ruled. He compromised himself to be a puppet and warmed the Prime Minister’s chair for 10 years and went on junkets with his spouse and, as the British say, had a jolly good time. Are these Sardarly qualities? So much for being an economist.

    If you are a true politician, go to the poor, listen to their problems and solve them. Give up your fancy cars for cheaper and functional ones, live in appropriate houses, live on earnings that you earned by the sweat of your brow, etc.

  2. Lol… so 80% of the Gau Rakshaks who belong to the Chaddi Sangha have criminal records, eh? Why isn’t this news to anyone? Maybe Mr. Yumreeki RampaNNA can rest his saddle-sore behind on his armchair/couch and analyze this?

  3. In general, I agree with the sentiments expressed by Nelson on Indian politicians. Almost all of them are corrupt, arrogant and useless. Some good politicians (example – Modi, Abdul Kalam, AK Antony etc) try to change the system. But, there are too many corrupt individuals all over. I should also point out how sometimes corruption is better than national threat. This is where Congress is more dangerous than BJP. Lately, the ‘vote banks’ politics of Congress is spinning out of control.

    On a different note, here is something for ‘Black Friday’ priest, AS Beef Mathew, Joker Pinto and other sanathana-hating folks who cry about ‘intolerance’ in India. I wonder if they will boycott US for intolerance!! LOL

    In Georgia, several hundred people gather at town hall to protest and stop local Muslims from buying land and building a mosque!! In India, Bakra Dutta and other stenographers would have made this a national level news for months!!! Here in ‘tolerant’ US, nobody cares!! smiles…

    • In Georgia…… lah dee dah… Here in ‘tolerant’ US, nobody cares!! Smiles – Yumreeki ThyamPANNA

      Lol! So, nobody cares, eh? I mean, with the exception of CNN, Fox News, International Business Times etc have covered it. AND, I’m NOT even dropping any websites, pyareLaLLU Rampu’ji. Nope! You don’t have to take my word for it. Just look for it – if you know how to go about in the first place, that is!

      The silly twerp claims to be an atheist, BUT yammers on and on until Kingdom come about how ‘certain’ people ‘hate’ his beloved SD. So, why did he take off to Yumreeka? He could have become a Poojari or EVEN a Prem Poojari or a Godman and stayed back.

      Oh yeah, I get it now. Silly fella must have watched ‘The Good, the Bad and the ugly’ and ‘For a Few Dollars More’; fallen in love with the rakish angle of Clint Eastwood’s 10 gallon hat and his steed’s hardiness, $$’s EVERYWHERE – EVEN growing on cactus plants in the arid deserts of Nevada, Utah, Arizona etc. and decided:

      “Kallivalli Akhanda Bharatha. Yumreeka is da place por me. Akhanda Bharatha’s loss is Yumreeka’s gain. Yaan balpuve Kuppedapadav’ddh. So help me God (imaginary, opp cojj).”

      And off he scooted! (Probably, what he didn’t realize was that his ‘balipu’ was ACTUALLY India’s GAIN). 🙂

      BUT, who is to explain this to a simple-minded & downright chap such as you?

      Say, Rampa – given a choice between Sloan’s Liniment & Vaseline for your saddle-sores, what would you prefer? 😉

  4. Original R. Pai,

    I wish to enlighten you about Dr. A.P.J. Kalam. Please be advised that Dr. Kalam was not a politician, but a man who could not get an entry into Indian Air Force to fulfill his aspirations to be a fighter pilot (imagine such a docile man, wanting to be a combatant), as he failed in medical tests. Then, he went on to becoy me an aeronautircal engineer. Though, he was not a nuclear physicist, he was very intelligent and better qualified to be linked with nuclear weapons and missiles than Dr. Abdul Qader Khan, a metallurgist by profession and, in reality, a rogue and a scoundrel, who stole nuclear secrets from a western nation and, later after Pakistan had the knowhow to manufacture the nukes, sold these secrets to North Korea and Iran to to make pots of money. The one and only nuclear physicist that Pakistan has, as far as I know, is Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy who is a very practical man, a professor in universities, is invited to talk on many issues. Being a scientist he gives scientific reasoning to everything, rather than simply saying that this has to be so and so, simply because it is mentioned in the Holy Book. Almighty God had not written any holy books and it was written by many personalities that came down the line. Though, we have to read these books and accept the good aspects about it but , many a times, it has also to be treated as a folklore. Man has also to use one’s reasoning and intelligence and his actions should be dictated by his conscience and whether what he is doing is right.

    When a so-called Pakistani Engineer took the country by storm by giving a demonstration of a car that can runs on water and he fooled Dr. A.Q. Khan, ministers and politicians and others who thunderously applauded and lauded him, Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy saw this on the electronic media and later on a television interview, he had the confidence and guts to tell that man, in presence of millions of viewers, that it is not possible to run a car just on water and this man is big fraud. Whereas, earlier the father of the Pakistani bomb, Dr. A.Q. Khan, was applauding and appreciating this man, without realising that he was trying to make a monkey of the nation.

    I have high respect for Dr. Kalam. He is non-corrupt, man of integrity and transparency in his dealings and, when it came to intelligence, no netas could match him. I would say that he was an Albert Einstein (of India). I also admire Shashi Tharoor and I do not want to get involved in the quagmire he has got into, simply because it is his personal issue. Since Dr. Kalam was not a politician but a scientist, there was no question of compromising himself for the sake of party’s image or party’s unity, BUT FOR HIM, HIS NATION WAS OF PARAMOUNT IMPORTANCE, RATHER THAN HIS FAMILY.

  5. I wonder when so many things are going on in Pakistan and the world, why do educated and saner Muslims do not express their views and come down heavily on the fanatical elements.

    By the criminal and/or irresponsible actions of these elements, the name of Islam has gone down the drain and will go down, unless someone speaks up.

  6. Americans have a funny arrangement with probably the world’s worst terrorist country, namely Pakistan.

    Americans encourage and goad Pakistan to take action against terrorist organisations on her soil. Pakistan does that and periodically asks America, “We have taken action against the terrorists and killed 40 of them and we accorded decent funerals to the deceased. Well, the biling comes to so and so million dollars. How about releasing the money?”
    Sadly, they do not have funds for education, health care, training and sending a full-sized contingent for the Rio Olympics, including their Olympic team, etc. They do not have $ 300 million to buy the F16s. However, when Nawaz Sharif goes abroad, be it official or personal (or trips for both purposes), he takes along a big entourage with him, including his friends and cronies, a masseur to knead his scalp with herbal and aromatic oils and thump his head …….. theek, thock …….. theek, thock. For that they have money.

  7. In India, a anyone can beccome a neta. He may be an unpad or uncouth, may possess a criminal record and he has no no age barriers for retirement. However, the beauty is that bureaucrats will grovel in front of him and carry out his biddings. Politicians are a special breed in India and not answerable to the people. The only option in front of the electorate is to wait till the general elections and not vote for them, but to vote for some other person standing for elections whom they perceive to be good.

  8. Original R. Pai

    You have mentioned that. Antony is non-corrupt. I a have heard that too.
    However, he is a good-for-nothing fellow. He was an incompetent Defence Minister and under his very nose many in Congress were involved in receiving kickbacks on Austa-Westland and othe arms purchases. An Ex-Air Chief and his cousins are alleged to have also received kickbacks.
    Under him, the defence forces was neglected. In Sanjaya Baru’s book, he has mentioned whenever A.K. Antony came to the Prime Minister’s Office, would spend a good deal of time chatting with PM’s Principal Secretary, a Malayali too.

  9. Duplicate
    Posting a video doesn’t make you know everything. It may be US/India, learn in what circumstances it was organised. Some US cities have a high Muslim population where they build Mosque same like in some areas where there is high Hindu population where they build a Temple. The circumstance behind this video is that this hamlet has a high population of Muslims where no meat/ liquor was available during their fasting period & shops remain closed during their prayer times as most of them are owned by Muslims. So they held this to make a rule to stop this practice which was rejected by the governor. Please provide full detail every time & not partial

  10. Nelson Lewis,

    I don’t think I can argue with your comments on AK Antony!! In a way, he reminds me of Manamohan Singh. I was a big fan of MMS for his clean character. However, clean character alone isn’t enough to change the corrupt Indian system. One needs to be tough as well. Still, I give them some marks for resisting the temptation and staying clean especially with Defense dept. What do you think of Mr. Monohar Parikkar? He seems to be very different and straightforward as compared to other characters like Sushma Swaraj and Nitin Gadkari!!! Oh well…

  11. Mr. Pai,

    You denounced Mother Theresa’s orphanage for shutting down rather than allow adoption by single people and homosexuals. What have you to say about the BJP government’s surrogacy bill which bars single people, married couples who have biological/ adopted children, live-in partners and homosexuals from opting for surrogacy.

  12. Mr. Original R. Pai,.

    Once some batteries were required for an Indian Navy’s submarirne manufactured locally. A request was put to A.K. Antony and instead of giving immediately approval, he did nothing.

    There was a fire in the submarine and two officers died. This is the capability of this man. The other incompetent Defence Minister was V.K. Krishna Menon, a highly arrogant and vain man. Jawaharlal Nehru and V.K. Krishna Menon were responsible for the Chinese debacle, but did not get even a wrap on their knuckles.

  13. From what I have heard from a friend of mine in Goa, Mr. Manohar Parikkar is different to the typical netas.He is well educated (studied at Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai) and is a metallurgist by education. He is simple and down to earth and he lacks the swagger of the typical netas.

    As a Chief Minister of Goa, he did immense good for that place. However, his successor is not up to the mark and is in the habit of making irresponsible statements without applying his mind.

    Manohar Parikkar is far too superior to his predecessor, A.K. Antony.

  14. I have a group of mine taken with four other friends at the Gulf Hotel, Bahrain and I was able to convince Mother Teresa to sign it at the back. Quite a kind gesture by this noble soul.

    When personalalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Dr. A.P.J. Kalam died they did not leave any personal wealth. Nevertheless, they will be remembered forever, simply because they worked selflessly for the masses and did not do it for hogging limelight, amassing wealth aand to get a veneer of respectability after a sordid or shady past.

  15. On 15th August Mr. Narendra Modi did a very good thing by taking up thes issue of Baluchistan. India should always rake up the issues of Baluchistan, Azad Kashmir and the atrocities against Muhajirs in Karachi and Sind. They should ask Pakistan to grant independence to Baluchistan, vacate from Azad Kashmir, so that India can take it over, find a solution in Sind and hand over all terrorists India is wanting to lay their hands on.

  16. Nicholas from Beef club –
    Please don’t try to confuse readers over here by changing the topic. What meat/Liquor are you talking about? The link I provided talks about local opposition to build a mosque and cemetery by Muslims!!! Is it not bigotry by local Christians in Georgia? You would have called people every name on the earth if Hindus opposed any minority sponsored projects in India. Why one set of standards for Indians and another set of standards for your masters?

  17. Roy –
    It’s okay to ask me a question on a topic. However, I don’t understand why you have to be dishonest and misrepresent my views. For example, look at how you framed your question on Mother Theresa Orphanage and my past comments. Why did you add ‘homosexuals’ at the end? I remember commenting on the story when Orphanage refused to accept new guidelines governing adoption. The Govt guidelines never talked about homosexual couples. In fact, it is not even recognized by law in India!!!! However, new guidelines allowed single people adopt orphans. Mother Theresa Orphanage was against it and I thought it was a discrimination against single people.

    As far as surrogacy goes, every society is struggling to address this new social phenomenon. If the new bill bars some of the groups you mentioned, I am opposed to it. However, these guidelines have more to do with legal issues surrounding surrogacy than ‘moral’ issues with the exception of homosexual couples. Many societies don’t want to deal with legal issues associated with surrogacy and they take the easy route of banning it!!

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