‘CONSTITUTION OF INDIA’ in Konkani (Kan Script) set to release on Easter Vigil- April 20th

‘CONSTITUTION OF INDIA’ in Konkani (Kan Script) set to release on Easter Vigil- April 20th

Mangaluru: We are a great nation and to us we have given to our self a great Constitution. Need of the hour is to understand our constitution and thereby to serve our Nation at the best. Educated Indians need to reach out to the underprivileged, the last, least and the lost. In this mission of becoming the voice of the voiceless, knowledge of our constitution and its provisions is the greatest support and the strength.

Indian constitution, as we all know is not only a legal document instead it is an instrument of social change. After a long struggle with the white masters we have won our freedom, the fruits of our freedom struggle have to be shared with all, especially with those who were discriminated against for long. Unless we reach out to those who are still outside the protection circle our tryst with destiny will not be fulfilled in complete. Knowing our constitution will enable us the spirit behind its formation, its gifts and guarantees to common man. By knowing our constitution, undoubtedly we will become better and responsible citizens of this great nation and its lesser privileged. It is also a known fact that to be a responsible citizen one must have a clear picture of his rights and duties.

The Catholic Bishops conference of India therefore want every person studying under its institutions and especially Christians, to make an earnest attempt to learn and understand the constitution, its provisions and other aspects related to it. The Mangalore Diocesan Commission for lay faithful has taken a step forward. Under the dynamic leadership of Very Rev Fr J B Crasta it has published the entire constitution of India as translated into Kannada Script Konkani. Renowned Translators Prof Stephen Quadros Permude and Smt Gladys Quadros Permude have done the translation.

The Book will be released on 20 April after the Easter Vigil all over the diocese of Mangalore. The main programme will be held at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church Bolar (Cathedral of the Diocese of Mangalore) and The Bishop of Mangaluru Most Rev Dr Peter Paul Saldanha will release the book in the presence of Roy Castelino and Sushil Noronha, Co-Convener and the Secretary and other members of the Diocesan Citizens Awareness and Development Committee respectively.

A press meet was held today at Mangaluru Press Club, where Fr J. B. Crasta spoke, while Roy Castelino, Sushil Noronha and Steevan Quadros were present on the dais. For further information contact : Fr J B Crasta at 9448724276