Couple, son killed in Pakistan for honour

Couple, son killed in Pakistan for ‘honour’

Islamabad, June 21 (IANS) Bodies of a couple and their four-year-old son — brutally tortured before being murdered — have been found in Pakistan’s Punjab province in suspected “honour killings”.

At least three bullets were fired into the mouth of the man and the skulls of the woman and child were smashed with axe on Monday, Dawn online quoted police as saying on Tuesday.

A motorcycle and a purse containing cosmetics were found close by, a police official said. “Apparently, it is a case of honour killing.”

He said it was yet to be ascertained whether the murdered couple were husband and wife and the child was theirs.

“Blood samples for DNA test will be sent to establish the relation between the couple and the child,” he said.


  1. Pakistan is an amazing country and anything is possible there under the guide of honour killing.
    This is because the level of education is very poor in that country and history is totally distorted at the behest of their Army.

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