Cuba, US to resume direct mail service

Havana, Dec 12 (IANS) Cuba and the US have agreed to resume direct mail services between the two countries after an interruption of over 50 years.

Friday’s decision was taken during a recent round of talks in the US, which took place in a “respectful, professional and constructive setting,” Xinhua quoted Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying.

A pilot plan for the transportation of mail will now be elaborated over the next few weeks, with a permanent re-opening of the service set to begin soon, said the note.

It added that, after over five decades without services, direct deliveries of correspondence and packages will resume between the US and Cuba, with the last technical, operational and security details now being worked out.

During the meeting, the Cuban delegation presented examples of how the economic blockade is affecting the island, including on the operations of Grupo Empresarial Correos de Cuba, the country’s mail company.

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