Dadi (Great Grand Mother)


My grand mother who was Great Grand mother to my kids passed away on Wednesday, 26 May 2010 at 10:00 IST. My kids are amongst the few lucky ones who get to see and be blessed by Great Grand parents.

My G?ma was more than a Mom to me. She is the one who raised me from an infant to a lady and gave me inputs of right and wrong. She was there for me every moment of my life. She was an illiterate but collected all my report cards and was interested to know how much will I score in my exams. She was my alarm who woke me up to study during exams. She stood there everyday bidding goodbye to me when I was gone until I returned. She prayed for me and so I felt blessed always.

When I was small I always use to say that Dadi I do not have any one in this world other than you. If God takes you away then I will follow you and today when she is really gone I cannot follow her rather I have realized that each one has their role play and only after playing your part you can leave.

Like Shakespeare said, the world is a stage and we are all actors?like Raj Kapoor said the Show must go on?.

And yes the show will go on till the Day of Judgment and each one will be playing their part till then.

Today I have two kids and while nurturing them find it so difficult wonder how my Dadi did it all through the years without any help. No machines, no maids, all manual work yet no complains and the outcome is a beautiful ?I?

Having said that I feel we have little time for everyone today. We are busy running behind materialistic things, wanting more each day. We are not satisfied with what we have and so are our kids. The demand increases each day and we follow our gut feeling to fulfill it not thinking that everything on earth is temporary, only death is permanent. It is around us and it happens every moment but we do not see it hence forget it.

Only when death occurs do we realize that we have lost someone forever and can never do or wish to do something for that person.

Today I miss my Grandmother so much and do not know if ever we will meet hereafter. For sure she is in the safest hands and free from all worldly pain as I see her smiling face everyday in my dreams. May God rest her soul in peace. I do hope to see her in the World of Dead when I leave the World of Life.

Author: Sonia Earl Joy- UAE