Dalip Tahhil astonishes everyone with horse-riding skills

Mumbai, Nov 18 (IANS) Actor Dalip Tahhil, who is currently seen playing the role of Raja Dashrath in the new TV show “Siya Ke Ram”, shocked everyone on the set with his horse-riding skills while shooting in Darjeeling.

Being a mythological show, Dalip was required to do horse-riding to give the sequences a genuine look. Hence, he thought of riding the horse himself without anybody’s help.

“Raja Dashrath was someone who housed a passion for riding and hunting. For a major sequence while shooting in Darjeeling, I had to ride on a horse and hunt at the same time. Though, it was actually an extremely exciting sequence to shoot for, I was pretty kicked about it,” Dalip said in a statement.

Not only the “Welcome to Karachi” actor did horse-riding with ease, he also befriended the horse by feeding him and getting acquainted with the animal.

“My career has given me the privilege to ride a horse in the past and that certainly did come in handy. I actually got myself comfortable with the animal which eventually resulted in the scene getting complete within an hour,” he said.

“The sequence was rather an intense one and thanks to the support I had, I did manage to achieve the target and left my director smiling by the end of it,” he added.

“Siya Ke Ram”, which is aired on Star Plus, also stars Ashish Sharma, Madirakshi Mundle and Snigdha Akolkar among others.

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