Dalit man who married high-caste girl killed in TN 

Chennai (IANS) A 23-year-old Dalit man who married into the politically influential Thevar community was hacked to death in front of a large number of people in a Tamil Nadu town, police said on Monday.

CCTV visuals showed three men attack V. Sankar, a third year engineering student, when he and his wife Kausalya, 19, were on a walk in Tiruppur district town on Sunday.


The unidentified killers came on a motorcycle and appeared to have been shadowing the couple. Before escaping, the killers also thrashed the young woman.

Sankar and Kausalya married eight months ago. Police said Kausalya’s family was unhappy over her marriage outside the caste.

The woman’s father later surrendered in a court and denied any role in the murderous attack, police said.

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