Daniel Radcliffe ‘trying’ to pen film

Daniel Radcliffe ‘trying’ to pen film

Los Angeles, Oct 1 (IANS) “Harry Potter” star Daniel Radcliffe says he is “trying” to write a film, which he feels will be the most expensive one made till now.

Asked if he wants to write a film, Radcliffe told theguardian.com: “I’m trying to, but isn’t every actor? I’m doing one thing on my own, which needs a lot of work.

“I’m also writing a really weird comedy with a couple of friends. We’ve just realised that we’ve written the most expensive film ever made.”

In his upcoming film “Swiss Army Man”, Radcliffe portrays a flatulent corpse. He says it is hard that the only thing people want to talk about is his gassy character.

Speaking about appearing on TV shows to discuss it, he said: “You’ve only got three minutes to talk. You can’t give an accurate impression of ‘Swiss Army Man’ in three minutes. And people fixate on the farting, which makes you want to go: ‘Yeah, but it’s also really beautiful and weird, and there’s nothing else like it’.”

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