Death is Not Sweet – Mupperya Man Chokes to Death while Eating ‘Holige’

Death is Not Sweet – Mupperya Man Chokes to Death while Eating ‘Holige

Sullia: Where, when and in what circumstances one could die cannot be predicted or imagined. A 68-year-old resident of Maravattagundi in Mupperya village in the taluk died a freak death late last week.


HoLige or obbaTTu, which is known as puranpoli in Maharashtra is a popular delicacy in southern parts of India and also in the western coast.

Split yellow gram, jaggery or sugar, flour, cardamom and nutmeg are its common ingredients.

Puran (hooraNa in Kannada) represents the filling placed between thin layers of batter, which forms the pattern of the delicacy.

It is a common practice to serve Holige – with a mouth-watering combination of pure ghee – at weddings and other events, as part of dessert. Venkappa Gowda of Maravattagundi, who had attended a function earlier in the day, had packed the holige, probably with the intention of relishing it at leisure, and brought it home.

While eating the dry stuff at home, it choked his throat, leading to suffocation and breathing problem. He is said to have died soon thereafter.


  1. Here is a report on an unfortunate death of an individual due to choking. Someone lost their father/Uncle/Husband!! How silly and immature one has to be to respond like the way Joker Pinto did?? Oh well…

  2. Similar incident happened with our Father in Law. He was having his breakfast( Tea with Bread.)While eating bread, it choked his throat and died immediately. He was 84 years old.

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