Decorative Pots

Decorated clay Pots can be used as flower vase, table lamp stand or just as a show piece that can take any spot in your house.

Materials Required

Unglazed earthen or clay pot.
One box M-Seal (available in Hardware shops).
Sand paper.
Primer Paint.
Oil Paint (As an alternative Car Paint or acrylic paint can be used).
Fevicryl Colours of your choice.



1. Select a pot of any shape.  Polish the exterior with sand paper for about half an hour, till the outer surface of the pot is smooth. (I must admit that when you do this, you realize the mason?s job is not all that cool).

2. Brush off clay powder from the surface with a clean soft cloth.

3. Now apply Primer Paint all over the external surface evenly.  Allow it to dry well.

4. After it has dried completely, draw any design you like with a pencil.

5. Now take the M-Seal and cut off equal portions of the contents (2 packets in a box). Mix both the portions and roll it like a dough.

6. Apply talcum powder on your palms and then start working with the M-seal. It?s similar to working with clay.  Shape the M-seal clay according to the design.

7. Ensure that the leaves or petals are cut according to the shape.  Try to give a natural look by using a 3 D effect.

8. Apply fevicol on each part of the design and stick the M-seal shaped pieces on the design.  Smooth the surface of the pieces with talcum powder.

9. Paint the remaining area of the pot with oil paint or the alternative paint. Allow the pot to dry for a day or two.

10. Now paint the M-seal areas with Fevicryl colours (2 to 3 coats).  If you want to give the pot an earthy, antique look then choose colours like brown, dull gold and rust.  If you want your pot to look arty and modern use bright colours like red, green, orange and yellow.




Author: Jaya Ramesh- Oman