Democracy can’t be restricted to elections only: Modi

New Delhi (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that democracy “cannot be restricted to elections and government only” and everyone must feel that he or she is working for the country’s progress.


“Our definition of democracy cannot be restricted to elections and government only. Democracy is strengthened by Jan Bhagidari (people’s participation),” said Modi at the Jagran Forum of Jagran News.

Modi said, “I want to make India’s development journey a ‘mass movement'” and that, “everyone must feel he or she is working for India’s progress”.

He also there were several measures other than the crucial GST bill that were pending in parliament for the poor.

“People only talk about GST and parliament but there are also several other measures for the poor that are pending in parliament.”

He said: “Mahatma Gandhi brought a big change in the freedom struggle. He made it a ‘Jan Andolan’ – (mass movement)”.

“The first thing is to have faith in the people and their strengths.”

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  1. Mr. Modi, your repeated political rhetoric is totally confusing. You never specifically address any cardinal issue facing the nation, but simply beating around the bush.

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