Destination Khasab – From Muscat

Known as the veritable ?Paradise of Oman?, Khasab is a place that everyone would like to visit at least once in his lifetime.  The literal meaning of Khasab is ?Fertility? and it lives up to its name as the land is rich and abundant in fresh water.  The date crop is abundant and so is the wealth from the sea, the fish.

A visit to Kasab is made easier with the introduction of two World-class ferries “SHINAS” and “HORMUZ.”  One just needs to carry their National Resident card.  You are allowed to travel to Kasab with this card, unlike earlier wherein one had to apply for a road permit and carry the original passport too.
At present HORMUZ is the only ferry that sails up and down between Khasab and Muscat.  The journey takes about 6 hours from Muscat to Khasab.  The charges are very reliable as you get to travel in a world-class ferry with modernized seating and indoor entertainment.
The fare at present to Khasab and back in a Tourist Class is OR. 44/- (Adult) R.O. 22/- (Child Above 3 years) inclusive of lunch / Dinner. And Business Class – R.O. 85/- for Adults and R.O. 40/- for Child. 

The ferry leaves Muscat from Port Sultan Qaboos at 3pm sharp and reaches Khasab at 9pm depending on the sea weather.  The Return Ferry leaves Khasab at 11 AM and reaches Muscat at 5 PM.
One can Contact: National Ferry Company, the agents for these cruise liners, on 00968-95332046. 
Places to visit in Khasab
Day 1 – Reaching Khasab at 9 pm.  Check into any hotel nearby (there are two good hotels  Golden Tulip and Khasab Hotel) both are reasonably priced and cost about 60 Rials inclusive of all taxes and a hearty breakfast.  Discounts are offered to those who are travelling in groups.

Once you freshen up, you can drive on the Cornish side to a place called Buka where the winding roads along the sea coast simply mesmerize you with their natural beauty.

There are also tourist operators who will take you for a mountaineering drive. Their breathtaking 4wd driving skills are an experience in itself.    The nearby beach of the Golden Tulip is an ideal place for those who want to go swimming.
Day 2 – Dhow cruise: A full day trip in the middle of the ocean that begins at 9 am and ends at 4 pm.  Stopovers are at beautiful islands like NADIFI , QANAHA, MAQLAB, TELEGRAPH ISLAND , SEEBI and SHAM.
Various tour operators provide this facility with a nominal amount of charges R.O. 20/- per person which is inclusive of afternoon lunch and tea. (you need to inform in advance if you are a vegetarian.) 

Day 3 – Back To Muscat
Ferry departure time is at 11 am and reporting time is 10 am at Kasab Mina.

Ferry Schedules are as below:

Muscat – Khasab: Monday , Wednesday , Friday and Saturday Departure Mct – 3pm arrival Khasab at 9pm

Khasab – Muscat: Monday Wednesday saturday  Departure Khasab at 11am Arrival Muscat at 5PM. Friday Departure: 3pm arrival Muscat at 9pm.

Author: Deepak Pereira- Oman