Destiny Pursuits

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Destiny Pursuits

As a kid, I used to love to go to the hospital! Surprised? Laxmi Nursing Home is where I visited quite often as I was an energetic kid and you could all see my feet off the ground, on tree tops and sometimes even on the tiled roof. Dr. Shantharam, 55 yrs, a bachelor, was running the nursing home which he had built for a noble cause. He provided the patients with free service and many well-wishers who recognized his service made their monetary contributions which covered the overall maintenance of the hospital. Dr. Shantharam was a very kind and friendly human being.

Doc had turned all our nightmares into fantasies. Injections were no longer painful nor was waiting for the appointment. The nursing home provided a play area for children. It had merry-go-rounds, slides and swings which would keep us occupied till our turn came to meet with the doc. This relieved us of the tense feeling which we would otherwise go through if we had to sit down in the waiting room and also see patients suffering from some kind of disease or the other which would definitely be disturbing. More than the pain of the shots we were excited about the chocolates which we received from the doc after it. Sometimes we would even bypass it by choosing the chocolate first. Dr. Shantharam had high regards in the society and people never forgot what he contributed towards it.

Mr. Shantharam, 57, on the other hand was a shrewd industrialist. He was very business minded and didn’t mind exploiting people to get what he wanted. A lot of people in the town have been fooled into lending him money or rather have been backstabbed by him. That’s how he made it big. He was one of the richest men the industry business. He had a lot of money and led a luxurious lifestyle travelling in expensive cars and even lived in a palatial house. All of us would try so hard to get a glimpse of the house when the huge gates opened. The compound walls were very high and obstructed the view of the house and the two security guards made it even more difficult for us. Mr. Shantharam had 5 sons who eventually had misunderstandings with their father and parted ways.

The only thing that Dr. Shantharam and Mr. Shantharam had in common was their name. They both led different lifestyles and there was a sea of difference in their characters. One gave up everything for the society and the other took advantage of it.

Doctor’s end was a very sad moment for the people and around the same time Mr. Shantharam also passed away due to ill health. It was an awakening moment in my life when I witnessed thousands of mourners bidding tearful farewell to their beloved Dr. Shantharam though he was a bachelor, whereas there was hardly anyone at Mr. Shantharam’s funeral. The absence of his own children showed how lonely he was in reality.

The moral of the story is “whatever good things you want to do in life do it now because you are never going to cross this path again”.

By Varsha Malli, Mangalore 


A.S.Mathew, USA:
It is very interesting article, and those people who are chasing the absolute goals of material things in this life; by treading on innocent and defenseless people to reach the high destiny in life, must read the article
ten times.

When Paul Getty was a billionaire, there were only five billionaires in the world. At his funeral, only less than 10 people showed up. But, how many people showed up for the funer of Mahatma Gandi and Mother Teresa?

Both of them had nothing valuable as their own, but they were rich with honour and love from people all over the world. Both of them earned it through their selfless life and love for humanity.

We are living at a time of blind chasing of materialism, without realizing that it is simply a smoke dream.

Jesus Christ warned about covetousness
repeatedly because it is a dangerious
path to follow and the end result will be a total tragedy and despondency.

” And He said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness; for a man’s life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth” Luke 12:15.

A neighbour of mine in India ripped off
every person he could and became rich
fast, and he used his ill-gotten wealth to intimidate others and to create problems in the society. A lot of curse went to his family, and that person and the whole family suffered so much pain and humiliation in life. But his poor brother had a better
life in his old age.

When the rich and famous die, there will be colourful procession and many may talk higly about him or her, but the world and God will judge them righteously. As we live every day in this world, we are preparing for the day of judgement before the creator,
and everybody must answer the question;
whether they have done anything for their neighbour and stranger who were poor and hungry!

Anurag Batra, New Caledonia:
Short and sweet piece. Wisdom imbibed and well.

Upendra Jain, India:
Pretty nice thought. Noble indeed! Keep writing lady!

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