Devotees hold Tapta Mudra Dharana in Krishna Temple

Devotees hold Tapta Mudra Dharana in Krishna Temple

Udupi: The “Tapta Mudra Dharana” ritual was held at the Sri Krishna Temple here on Friday, July 15.

The Swamiji of Paryaya Pejawar Math, Shri Vishwesha Theertha, stamped the images of shanka (conch) and chakra (wheel) on the chest and arms of the devotees.

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Earlier, the seals of the shanka and chakra were heated during the Sudarshana Homa conducted at the temple. There was a long queue of devotees, in front of the temple, who waited for their turn to participate in the ritual.

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The chakra is stamped on the right arm, while the shanka is stamped on the left arm. All the Swamijis of the math performed the Tapta Mudra Dharana ritual.

Swamijis from various parts of the state came to the temple town to take part in the ceremony. It is believed that the Tapta Mudra Dharana ritual is held on the Prathama Ekadashi or Sayani Ekadashi. It is also believed that the mudra dharana helps to win over the enemy but also win over kama, krodha, etc.

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