Dhaka terrorists were highly educated: Police

Dhaka terrorists were highly educated: Police

Dhaka, July 3 (IANS) The terrorists who massacred 20 foreigners and Bangladeshi at a popular cafe here were highly educated and most came from wealthy families, a minister said on Sunday.

“They are all highly educated young men and went to university. No one is from a madrassa,” the Bangladeshi media quoted Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan as saying.

Asked why they would have become militants, The Daily Star quoted Khan as saying: “It has become a fashion.”

The Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the massacre. The militants, who seized the cafe on Friday night, also killed two policemen.

Six of the seven attackers were shot dead. A seventh was arrested.


  1. Educated, uh? Oh well, meanwhile, the practitioners of peace have continued their campaign and killed 80 plus people in Baghdad. Again, I was told they have no religion. I’m waiting for joker Pinto to blame it all on RSS and bring up 2 incidents from 2006!! What a joker he is!!

    Here is the latest on Dhaka attack. Even though ISIS claimed the attacks, the top intelligence officials in Bangla Desh are seeing direct connections to Pakistan ISI. (It’s amazing how close ISI is to ISIS!!!) See the report here:


  2. “Asked why they become militants, The Daily Star quoted Khan as saying: “It has become a Fashion””

    It was shocking to learn of the comments of the Home Minister of Bangladesh who thinks when foreigners are attacked and killed in cold blood in his country, he considers this violence and deaths as a “fashion”.

    Would he still consider it “fashionable” when internationally those roles are reversed ????

  3. Every time there is a terror attack around the world we were told that “poverty and lack of education” were the cause of all militancy, but according to the Bangladeshi Home minister these (terrorists), highly educated, came from wealthy families and not one was from a “madrassa” (school).

    Yeah right, these young men came from neighbouring Burma, and since none were from a madrassa, they fit the description of children of Buddhist monks.

  4. I posted a video by a Bangladeshi talking about recent slaughter of 20 people in Dhaka. What was joker Pinto’s response? He posts a link where an arab was detained by mistake!!! So, detaining an arab by mistake is as bad as slaughtering 20 innocent civilians purely based on their religion!! WOW, what a regressive logic!! One has to wonder why Praveena Pinto and other ‘Beef Club’ members are so hell-bent on protecting them? Answer is simple – ‘Sanaaathana Dhwesha’!! LOL

    • He posts a link where an arab was detained by mistake. – ThyampaNNA

      Ayyo Thyampa! Who said that the link I posted was in “response” to the Dhaka attacks? In fact, my comment before posting the link (about the UAE national being illegally detained and the US Jokers issuing a grovelling apology – well, I hope that part was included too”…..was – “What does our US Navy Seal (rubber stamp), RampaNNA Pais have to say about this?”

      And in reply…. you bring in beef, saaaanaaaathanaaaa, dwesha, ambareesha, Dwarakesha, Kaashinaaatha, et al.

      It looks like Amazon’s drone carrying your copy of the Rapidex has been shot down by the Boko Haram. Anyway, you can always order another copy.

      Btw, what do you think about the Beef Jokers party’s elitist members such as Smriti Irani, Pahlaj Nihlani, Gajendra Chauhana, Chetana Chauhaana, Deenanaatha Bhatraaaa et al? Do you think that staying AWAY from beef has addled their ‘brains’?

  5. Joker Praveena Pinto first ignores the slaughter of 20 innocent civilians in Dhaka purely based on religious lines. Then, he tries to compare it to a wrongful detention of an Arab in USA by mistake as if it was as bad slaughtering 20 people!! More importantly, he ignores the apology issued by US police directly to the innocent Arab!! See below. Why does ‘hotte uri’ Praveena always embarrass himself by blaming it all on RSS, Modiji and USA? Why can’t he let his bitter experience (US Visa) go and move on with his life? smiles….


  6. “…while I have no sympathy for the wahabi….” writes an ignoramus who spent a long time working at a Saudi farm before finally escaping from ‘aadu jeevitham’!!!

    As expected, he didn’t waste any time before blaming it all on Doddanna!! LOL This is the same guy who gets very uncomfortable when someone points out geniuses involved in ‘vimaana nildaana’ incidents. A fruit fly will be smarter than this guy!! How does ‘Beef Club’ produce so many geniuses???? smiles…

  7. “Who said the link I posted was in response to Dhaka attacks . ..” writes ‘rapidex’ Praveena Pinto.

    Are you talking your ajeerna pills these days? Just scroll up and read – this report is on Dhaka incident. What’s the point in bringing up unrelated topics? LOL Slow down on your beef consumption-it may help you gain a few IQ points…lol

    • “- this report is on Dhaka incident” – Namma rapidex Rampe.

      Brilliant observation, ya, Rapidex RampaNNA.

      You should be getting a Padma bhushan for it – JUST like your Anupama Kheera got one (allegedly for enacting some ‘anarkali’ roles) BUT, actually for waking up on not so fine a morn to support the Kashmir pundits.

      When he had some twatty roles to play in Bollywood, Kashmir was forgotten and so were the Pundits. What next? a Padma for Gajju Chauhana and Chetana Chauhana?

      And hey, Rapidex, I hope the topic is ‘appropriate’ for asking you/making such comments. If not, let me know so that I can post them under some ‘cake baking’ header. Ottu u say, ya, RampaNNA?

    • Dear Rapidex Rampa,

      Relax my dear Yumreekan machan! The NIA is already scrutinizing his speeches. And if he is found guilty of exhorting some morons to do ‘boom’, trust me – the idiot will be locked-up for sure.

      The NIA says that they are investigating his speeches for any justification of terrorism, creation of a ‘caliphate’ through Jihad or endorsed any banned terrorist outfit including the Daesh.

      Makes me wonder then… if that moron called Owaisi could openly support the Daesh (ISIS), why isn’t he brought to book?

      Over to you, Rapidex Rampa.

  8. “NIA is already scrutinizing his speeches….trust me..” writes Saudi-trained Joker Praveena Pinto.

    See, this is why you are a certified joker and illiterate!! What’s there to scrutinize and why is it taking NIA to see the real danger in this his speeches? These are available in public domain for years!!! This is why he was banned from some countries!! It’s one thing to talk about superstition and idiotic stuff that religions propagate. All religions do it. However, one has no right to promote violence and support criminals like Osama (No – I am not talking about your supervisor!!). This guy has crossed the line many years ago in his speeches. Still, the stenographers are afraid to utter a single word critical of this guy. The same stenographers and your ‘beef club’ members are very ‘brave’ when it comes to showing outrage against some muthaalika or kalladka bhatta.

    Tell me where was your outrage when a peaceful man demanded beheading of one RSS ‘Tiwaari’ in front of TV cameras? Did anything happen to that guy?

    Finally you are wondering as to why Owaisi isn’t brought to book for supporting ISIS. Well, do you remember the reaction from stenographers and your own ‘Beef Club’ members to JNU incident where a bunch of rats were seen shouting ‘Paakistaan zindabad’ slogans and asking for india’s destruction? One Bakara Dutta and her channel refused to air the video footage of the incident but later devoted hours interviewing 28-yrs old ‘student’ who is an intellectual-nobody!! Your leader Prince was very quick to show his support to the same student body who were demanding destruction of India. ‘Vote Bank’ politics and clueless stenographers are the biggest threats to not only already-amputated Akhanda bhaaratha but the entire modern, civilized, democratic world!!

    • “What is there to scrutinize…” – writes our Rapidex RampaNNA

      Arer O, Rampa, do I run the NIA? Do I run the country? Or, for that matter, do you? Isn’t it the Beef Jokers Party that is ruling the Country? So, why not ask them why they were sitting on their …… all this while?

    • Finally a ‘journalist who refused to spend entire life hiding under table!! – Rampa in some Rant

      “One Bakara Dutta and her channel….” – Rapidex Rampe in another rant

      Hey, Joker RampaNNA, if you knew very well that the ‘Bakara’ was hiding under her table, WHAT ON your dhogla chaddi were you doing watching her? Now, don’t you think that you are truly the UNDISPUTED heavyweight Joker? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Tell me where was your outrage when a peaceful man demanded beheading of one RSS ‘Tiwaari’ in front of TV cameras? – Yumreekan RampaNNA

    Now, first of all, I’m JUST an ordinary chap from Mangalooru as compared to His ‘Lardship’ Rapidex from Yumreeka – THE place where ‘pyoooor’ (Nandini or its Yumreeki equivalent) Milk flows from taps and wads of USD’s are used to wipe one’s posterior side after natures call! Ahem.

    Since May 2014, the Beef Jokers party is in power and the chief honcho is busy gallivanting all over the globe. On the other hand, since the Quit India Movt. of 1942, our lone(ly) Ranger – RampaNNA has been yammering on and on about some morons cum loose cannons. What has come of it? Zilch! Has that moron Zakir Naik been put behind bars? Has Owaisi been?

    So, what”outrage” are you yammering on and on…. incessantly, ya, Rampa?

  10. “..Kalladka Bhatta.. Moothalikkaaaa”….. Namma Rampe

    Well, your STANDING ON TOP OF TABLE (as opposed to hiding UNDER), Garnaba Arswami raised a hue and cry over the Vyapam case – where some 45 people “died” under very very suspicious grounds. What happened?

    All the Beef Jokers party members said was – “Arre.. hota rehta hai Garnab Bhai…..Log jeete hain.. baad mein to marte hain…. shayad Dengue, Dementia, Zika, Polio, Peripheral Artery Disease, Accident, Diabetes Mellitus, AIDS, Kemma, Seetha, Kapha, Haankara, Ajeerna, Ebola, Ajji-shoonti, Perinatal death, Abortion, Eczema, blah blah…..”

    Pokkade bogaldh daane prayojana? Artha aanda Rampa? 🙂

    Now, can we discuss HOW and WHY my Murudeshwara “visa” was ‘ALSO’ rejected? Da ka.. ka.. ka…… Country wants to know. 😉

  11. Looking at tsunami of gibberish coming from Joker Praveena Pinto, it’s quite evident that my earlier post has left him butt hurt. My pointed questions exposing the empty rhetoric of ‘Beef Club’ may have caused a serious case of ajeerna to joker Pinto and other illiterates on this forum. Most of his incoherent talk is not even worth responding to. However, I noticed his lame attempt to blame it all on BJP and Shree Modiji. Does this illiterate from Beef Club know that the preacher from Mumbai has been spreading hate for more than a decade now? Most of his questionable opinions and videos date back to UPA govt? All of a sudden joker pinto wants Shree Modiji to fix all the mess created and left behind by previous govt!! What an ignoramus!!

  12. “My pointed questions exposing the empty rhetoric of ‘Beef club’ has left him BUTT hurt” – Yumreeki RampaNNA

    For probably the very first time, I will have to say – ‘Mea Culpa’. I’m hurt….. and ouch.. it hurts like hell! 😉

    However, it is NOT me alone who is “butt hurt”. Some 1.35 Billion Indians are all “butt hurt” too. Let me explain:

    Prior to the elections of May 2014, certain members of the Beef Jokers Party came out with a manifesto. In it, numero uno was how, if elected, the nominee of the PM post PROMISED that he would bring back the ‘black money’ within 100 days and further ENSURE that ALL INDIANS would be ‘gifted’ some 15 lakhs each within 150 days! So, you can imagine how many clueless dopes voted for the Beef Jokers Party and you jokers came to power.

    On my part, although I didn’t cast my vote at all (remember, ALL are Jokers), somehow I believed that my wife, kids and I would at least get some money stashed by the Big ‘Bundle’ Bee, his Plastic Bahu and Mute Savant son in some Phoreen land.

    So I borrowed some 30 lakhs from my MIL (after promising her by the names of all the Saints & Sadhvis I have heard of… Saanth Anthony, Sukuru Saibini, Swami Aseemananda, Sadhvi Niranjanaaa Jyothi et al, that I would pay her back the principal + interest @12.5% pa on the 151st day by 12 noon). Although she grumbled a bit, her eyes lit up at the thought of the generous interest AND the v short period of 151 days!

    She forked out the moolah and I brought me some 20 cents of land in KuppedaPadava (or was it YedaPadav… I can’t remember now). I caught hold of a reputed builder and even went ahead and constructed the foundation with the idea of putting up a palatial bungalow (befitting a “Somalian” city, of course….. in case you’re wondering if I planned to put up a replica of Neverland on a mere 20 cents of land and that too in Kuppeda/YedaPadava, it is a NO!). So, pl never mind the reference to Neverland. 🙂

    So, after purchase of the land and once the foundation was constructed, all my MIL’s 30 lakhs was used up and hence, I couldn’t proceed any further with Construction. By then, it was somewhere the 149th day that the Beef Jokers party had assumed power.

    Prior to that, right from the 101th day onward, everyday, I used to call up the Bank Manager of YES Bank (He is a good friend of mine and we used to play Kabaddi together) and ask him –

    “Shenoy’mam, marlo. Bolaiki chaang assa ne vo? Sangi – Amgel Modi’maman promise kelley pondhra laksha migel accounta’k transfer zallya vo?”

    Shenoy’man from YES Bank: “NO ‘Pint’aam”….. and that was his standard answer…. and STILL is his answer today… some 776 days AFTER the Beef Jokers Party came to power.

    And by now, my MIL does not talk to me (In a perverse kind of way, I’m QUITE relieved for that!). She has also threatened to file a police complaint. (I strongly suspect that what stops her from doing so, is the 12.5% interest! You see, 12.5% interest for some 750 days… and counting…. is gonna be substantial, RIGHT?).

    My wife has stopped cooking for me as I did NOT live up to my PROMISE of paying back her mom her precious 30 Laksha on the 151st day at 12 noon sharp. She too has threatened to stop talking to me (Boy! What a 2nd blessing that would be!). And with 2 seasons of rains (and the 3rd one just started), the foundations of my Kuppeda/YedaPadav bungalow have been EATEN BY TERMITES. ( 😉 ) Ya man, Rampa… I know it sounds like ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not’ – BUT the foundations were EATEN BY TERMITES! So, BELIEVE it!

    So, can you blame me if I’m “BUTT HURT”? All because YOUR Beef Jokers Party couldn’t give me my fair share of the black money? And I’m positive that if you ask around, you will hear PLENTY of similar stories such as mine and they are all BUTT hurt!

    “Empty rhetoric of the Beef Club”, Indeed. BRILLIANT “expose”, preethiya Rampa. 🙂

  13. Did you notice how some of those charlatans in Indian Media and Bollywood have gone radio silent ? Especially those two guys from bollywood with same last name!! One guy’s wife wanted to leave India and other unknown is one of the biggest charlatans with his fake humility and false moral equivalence!! They have nothing to say after the bangla attacks, uh? Just give them a few weeks and see how they all will appear in a special Bakara Dutta hosted show with Mani Shaikh Ayyar lecturing Indians on how there is no such thing called terrorism!! What a country!!

    • Especially those two guys from Bollywood with the same last name.. – Yumreeki RampaNNA

      Hey, you forgot to mention to mention that Padma Bhushan awardee (for playing some Anarkali roles).. the chap whose last name rhymes with some food item(s)…… err.. what was his name again? Anupama Kheera or Anupama Ghee-rice? Why is he as quiet as a church mouse too?

  14. Original R. Pai,

    The film fraternity have a corporate policy. They remain united and support or, if not, remain silent when any of their ilk does something wrong, e.g. being caught while driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or running it over people sleeping on pavements, molesting a starlet, etc. One star, who is very much in the news for breaking the law or making loose comments is lucky to have a dad who always comes to his defence, support and apologises on his behalf. What a lucky guy to have such a cute father?

    Bollywood’s film distribution awards are more of a family affair where the industry’s seniormost actor invariably ends up receiving fancy awards. Then, there are toadies that will approach him to touch his feet in obeisance, as if he is some Clark Gable and as virtuous as Mother Teresa. Then, some actress will get an award and when she is presented one on the podium and asked to say a few words, she will act emotional, hold the award high and say something on these lines, “Oh mummy, I love you very, very much. I dedicate this award to you and thank you for encouraging me and placing your trust and confidence in me and to you daddy wherever you are in heaven. May you have peace and contentment” However, none of their films get an entry into international film festivals and/or win awards. It is just Filmfare, Femina, Champa, Chameli awards.

    I wonder why an Indian actress has been religiously attending the Cannes film award functions? Have any of her films been displayed there or she wants to display her designer outfits? I wonder!

    Bollywood scrupulously adhere to the unwritten code of supporting their fraternity – whether they are on the right side or wrong side. It is the masses who have pampered film stars, cricketers, poliicians, babas and other scoundrels like Dr. Zakir Naik by hero worship, adulation and wasting hours at the houses of their idols, just to have a glimpse.

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