Digital campaign marks MRF tyre launch

Mumbai, June 30 (IANS) Using a unique digital campaign, tyre major MRF Tyres has launched what it says is India’s first radial for motorcycles.

Called the Revz, the tyre is part of the company’s premium NV Series and boasts of technical features such as advanced tread patterns and precision-rounded profiles.

The Revz will cater to bikes of 150cc and above and is priced at between Rs.2,500 and Rs.3,500.

The launch followed an interactive campaign on the company website designed by digital agency Experience Commerce.

Said Koshy Varghese, MRF’s executive vice-president for marketing: “The Revz campaign was an effective way to reach out to our audiences. By using the official MRF website as the fulcrum of our launch and with the innovative use of gamification, reinforced our brand image as an innovative and advanced tyre manufacturer.”

The campaign involved using the web to drive engagement as well as enquiries for Revz ahead of the launch, as also “build awareness within the passionate bikers community about the launch of REVZ”, said Sandip Maiti, CEO of Experience Commerce.

“For last three days we have been engaging the internet audience by showcasing hacks and teasers on the MRF corporate website, and today it transformed finally to showcase the entire experience,” Maiti explained.

Giving the campaign a substantial word-of-mouth impetus was MRF’s official twitter handle, which eventually reached over a lakh twitter users.

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