Dist Admin has failed to ensure protection to women & children

Udupi: The expert committee on prevention of atrocities against women and children have expressed dissatisfaction with the district’s performance in ensuring justice and protection to women and children, said VS Ugrappa. He was addressing a press meet at the Inspection Bungalow in Udupi here, on May 26. The concerned officials, expect for the deputy commissioner, are unaware of the laws formulated for women and children.


2500 cases have been registered in 10 years related to various atrocities and crimes against women and children in which conviction was given for only 23 cases while 1534 cases were disposed. Under section 376 of IPC, 149 cases have been registered, out of which only 7 have been convicted. 84 rape cases were registered under the POSCO act with only 1 conviction. 47 murder cases were registered, of murder 3 cases are convicted. 50 cases are also pending under Section 306 of IPC, while 7 more cases are pending under 304(B) IPC. The investigation agency and prosecution have failed to appeal to higher courts.

image005ugrapp-press-meet-20160527 image006ugrapp-press-meet-20160527

The district superintendent of police together with other police officials are unaware of the Vishaka guidelines. The district administration should hold joint efforts with the police department and other departments while addressing atrocities on women and children, he added.

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