District Police dispose of seized Ganja and Charas

District Police dispose of seized Ganja and Charas

Udupi: The District superintendent of Police and also the president of Drugs disposal committee Annamalai disposed of 2 Kg Chars and 3.1 Kg of ganja seized in various cases at the District Police office Bannaje here on July 22.


Acting on the district court judgement, a team of officers led by Superintendent of Police Annamalai disposed of the drugs seized in 4 cases reported in the Udupi Town station, Manipal Police Station, Karkala Town and Rural Police Stations.

Karkala probationary ASP Dr Suman, Udupi district ASP Vishnuvardhan, Udupi DySP Kumarswami, Kundapur DySP Praveen Naik and other district police officials were present.


  1. One day in future we will look back at these reports and wonder how our society got it all so wrong!!!! In fact, here in US, hundreds of thousands of people are locked up on drug charges!!!Locking up people for one type of ‘drugs’ while partying with alcohol drinks sold in public!! We are such a morally and intellectually confused society!! Then again, it all makes sense when we realize that chimps are our distant cousins !!

  2. Looks so funny all these police officers standing around the bonfire of charts and ganja. Cant imagine how they would be a little later after inhaling the flames. For sure a big party after.

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