Don ‘Vicky’ Shetty’s Henchman Arrested from Puttur

Don ‘Vicky’ Shetty’s Henchman Arrested from Puttur

Mangaluru: Balakrishna Shetty aka ‘Vicky’ Shetty, an underworld don wanted by the city police, has been reportedly conducting extortion activities in India with the help of his associates.

With a view to going after him, the city crime bureau (CCB) has been steadily tracking down the associates and foot-soldiers who have been acting at his behest. They are the ones who collect the phone numbers of prospective targets and pass them on to the don for the purpose of extortion.

The latest to fall into their trap is Shashidhar Shetty (41) from Puttur. Vicky had reportedly called entrepreneur Vivek Raj for extortion on Dec 31, 2015. If a ransom was not paid, he would kill the latter, he had threatened. Shashidhar is said to have had a hand in it.

A complaint in this regard had been filed in the Barke police station. CCB inspector Valentine D’Souza led the operation leading to the arrest.

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