Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton win Arizona primaries

Washington, March 23 (IANS) Republican and Democratic presidential frontrunners, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, cruised to big victories in the crucial Arizona primary even as they faced challenges from rivals in other nominating contests.

With his easy victory in Arizona’s winner-take-all primary, Trump added another 58 delegates to his tally of 681 delegates, while closest rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz with 425 delegates hoped to slow Trump’s momentum with a victory Tuesday in the Utah caucuses.

A strong victory in Utah caucuses with more than 50 percent support would give Cruz all the state’s 40 delegates and help him narrow the gap with Trump a little in the race for 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination.

Cruz is backed in Utah with its sizable Mormon population by the 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who backed Ohio Governor John Kasich in last week’s Ohio primary.

Romney said he would vote for Cruz in Utah as part of an effort to deny Trump the nomination.

“The only path that remains to nominate a Republican rather than Mr. Trump is to have an open convention,” he wrote in a posting on Facebook.

“At this stage, the only way we can reach an open convention is for Senator Cruz to be successful in as many of the remaining nominating elections as possible.”

Kasich, who entered the day with 143 delegates handily won his home state last week despite a strong push by Trump. But that is Kasich’s one and only victory and he seemed unlikely to add to his win total on Tuesday.

Heading into the polls in the shadow of a series of explosions in Brussels, killing at least 30 people, Trump reiterated his proposal for an open-ended ban on Muslims entering the US and for using extralegal means to fight terrorists.

Trump called for torturing Salah Abdeslam, a suspect in November’s terrorist attack on Paris who was captured last week in Belgium.

“You know, he may be talking, but he’ll talk a lot faster with torture,” he told CNN.

Cruz responded to the attack with his own provocative proposal, calling for law enforcement authorities “to patrol and secure Muslim neighbourhoods before they become radicalised.”

But Kasich was more restrained. “We are not at war with Islam; we’re at war with radical Islam,” he said.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Clinton beat rival Bernie Sanders in the Arizona primary to take at least one of three Democratic presidential contests Tuesday in Western states.

Arizona was the biggest prize of the night, with 75 of the state’s 85 delegates at stake based on the results of Tuesday’s primary. Utah and Idaho also held caucuses Tuesday where a combined 56 delegates were on the line.

Speaking in San Diego after Clinton’s projected win in Arizona, Sanders cited “record-breaking turnouts” in states that held contests Tuesday and said his campaign appealed to voters because “we are telling the truth.”

“We cannot go forward as a nation unless we are prepared to confront the real issues facing our country,”


  1. It amazes me that Donald Trump is a billionaire, but lacks any political experience or wisdom. America may go to dogs, if this weird character becomes the next President. Considering the circumstances, Hillary Clinton is any day better.

  2. Any Republican will be a better candidate than Hillary.
    Hillary made millions in the name of Clinton Foundation. Misused her position as secretary of state. Took money for the foundation from many Arab countries including those who do not respect women.
    Our Ambassador died in Benghazi, Hillary was the secretary of State and she mislead people about the riots. America could kill Osama but could not save its own Ambassador.
    Compromised national security by keeping server in her home than using official email. She wanted to run for president and wanted to keep all correspondence private.
    The reason Trump is favoured by many because, Trump is a outsider. Even Cruz is a outsider. People are fed up with government getting stronger and controlling people’s lives and the republican leadership did not do anything.
    The anger against the Republican leadership is converted into Trump’s support. I do not agree upon everything Trump says. He will be a voice to many people who do not have a say now.
    I will vote for anyone except Hillary. Enough of 8 years of dividing people and staying in power.

  3. We need person like Donald Trump to be the president of the United States of America. I personally do not agree with him in all he says, but for a change that USA wanted to see, Trump can hopefully deliver it. Eleven millions illegal aliens living in the USA must go back to their respective countries. Besides, it is better for illegals to go back simply because they are all living and raising their families in fear. Money is not everything. Illegals, mostly from Central/South America, India and China are much better off today, if they leave USA because these countries are fast developing.

    Govt. need to put moratorium on H1-B visa until the domestic unemployment is reduced and American workers wages are improved. H1-B brings in cheap labor and undercutting the American wages and benefits. Recent survey showed almost 50% of US under graduates are unemployed or under employed with an average of $35K student loans.

    I am against the racial profiling but support restricting/monitoring the Muslims who entering/living in USA because national security is top most priority. Because of 9/11, we all have to under go strip search at the airports no matter how innocent or respectable person you are. We all submit to invasion of privacy for national security. Why not Muslims submit themselves for monitoring? If you have not done anything wrong, there is nothing to worry about it. Stereo typing is against the ethics, but when it comes to national security, we owe our lives for the country. As one Muslim cleric said, “Protecting the country you are living in is the part of your faith” How nicely said!!

    One thing is bothering me personally. Even after so many terrorist attacks, I have hardly come across the Muslim organizations coming forward and condemning such acts openly . Good Muslims should vigorously condemn such acts and cooperate with law enforcement to identify the potential terrorist.

    Washington is trying to please everyone and in the process we are loosing grounds. The old boys club in the Congress is leaning towards the influential lobbyist and working on the theory of “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” I admire president Obama, one of the best presidents we ever had, but he cannot do everything by himself. There is a gridlock in Washington which needs to be unlocked.

    We need a gutsy bully, if not a dictator to lead the country under the present circumstances. Donald Trump has that trait. I have voted for Democratic candidates all my life. Most of them are wishy-washy. For a change, this time I am voting for Donald Trump. Without change there is no progress. If not satisfied, we can change it again in 4 years.

  4. The selective outrage by Lawrence shows his bi-polar nature more than anything else. He expresses his concerns over a specific group in US and its behavior, rightfully so. However, when it comes to India, he seems to be okay with pro-pakistan elements in putturu. What’s more troubling is his lame attempt to compare pro-pakistan elements to someone supporting Australian or South African team in good sport. Is he not aware of reality? I don’t remember fighting a war with Australia or West Indies sponsored terrorists attacking mumbai!!! I guess he missed a whole chapter in history class. Or…Is it the same anti-hindu sentiments showing up in a different form? How sad!

  5. Pyare Rampu, read my postings again and try to understand. These two boys have innocently expressed their admiration and they are not Pakistani immigrants but Indian citizens. Are they terrorists? Where is “Anti-Hindu” come into picture? If someone expresses their admiration for Pakistan, you think it is anti-Hindu. There are Hindus living all over the world including in Pakistan. To become a nationalist, you should respect one of the basic rights of others which is freedom of speech.
    Bhakts don’t understand what fundamental rights are. They are all focused on one thing….Fekuism.

  6. @ Lawrence from ‘Beef club’: One doesn’t necessarily have to be an immigrant to be anti-national. Didn’t you see how European citizens are joining ISIS and attacking their own motherland? They are more loyal to ‘umma’, not their country. You would have known these basic things if it wasn’t for the ignorance that you proudly display!! Also, don’t lecture anyone on ‘freedom of speech’ – Where was your ‘freedom of speech’ when certain groups were threatening others over simple cartoons? Do you support it?

    @ Nancy – We shouldn’t be playing them. Unfortunately, people like you and other hateful minorities are forcing a strange standard in today’s society. In the eyes of these sick people, raising ‘paakistan zindaabad’ or praying for india’s destruction is great. However, anyone who stands up for India is immediately seen as a communal thug from sangha parivaara!!!!

  7. Nancy dear, you have proved yourself to be Holier than the Pope! Congratulations. RSS would award you by Bharata Ratna.

  8. Original Bhakt, you are welcome to join the beef club. You don’t have to hide and pretend to be loyal to your political masters. How about Outback? It’s on me.

  9. “how about outback” wonders Lawrence from ‘Beef Club’.

    How about Udupi Paalace or Mysore Woodlands at ‘Devanna’ street chicago? You can bring your paakistaani friends as well.

  10. Do the primaries automatically give a winning delegate (Trump) right to stand for the US presidential elections or is it that the republican party higher-ups still have the chance to change their minds if they do not like Trump? The “establishment” (which includes both the Democrats and Republicans) do not want to upset the apple cart or do anything to stop their gravy train. In that respect the republican senior politicians would rather have Hillary win the election than their own party candidate. There are no principles in politics. It’s about perpetuating the status quo by hook or crook. At best Trump will stand for election and lose due to media propaganda against him and at worst he will be assassinated before the election (through “accidents”). Nobody wants a formidable challenge to the authority. People are sheeple.

    Either way, there will be major split taking place in the mainstream political parties in the West in the next few years and there will be serious contenders to the main 2 parties. USA will become another India in the next 20 years. All it takes is a section of disgruntled populace to spin up a new party. So far all the simmering discontentment was kept under the lid through social security and false sense of being wealthy. That will change soon. Trump is not the reason for this political upheaval instead he is a symptom of the malaise in the Western society.

  11. The Medicare has been in deficit since 2007. The behemoth white elephant Social Security is entering into deficit this year which means, on balance, currently the government is effectively robbing Peter (young people) to pay Paul( baby boomer retiree) – The social security is currently crossing the Rubicon, if you like. The effect will be more pronounced starting next year when the government has to disclose the social security balance sheet as they can hide it no longer. The problem with the economy built on top of debt ponzi is that things can go out of control much quicker than people can anticipate (because debt is an exponential phenomenon but it looks like linear phenomenon to the untrained eye). When the pension funds begin to collapse next year the Rip Van Winkles will bristle up. The government has absolutely no other option any more but to raise taxes substantially. This is where the chaos begins.

    Trump is unlikely to get the nomination. So it could be between Cruz and Hitlery. Both are bought by the Wallstreet crooks namely Government Sachs. Hitlery has no other option but to run for president because she would be sent to the slammer otherwise. Even though I do not agree with Sanders’ socialist agenda, he is much better than Hitlery but he is also against the bankers so he will never get the nomination. Bankers control the government and hence effectively run the country, not the other way round as the great unwashed sheeple are led to believe.

  12. “Cruz & Hitlery. Both are brought by the Wallstreet crooks, namely Govt. Sachs”.

    THAT, Mr. Horny, quite aptly sums up the US reps for the top office! What other choices are the cattle-class left with?

    And then, we have our man on the range (aka Originaalige Rampa) along with his Texan overseer – Buffalo Billy. Rampa and Buffalo Bill have ridden on the range SO much (driving their steers) that EVERYTHING boils down to “Beef Club”! THAT explains his obsession with Beef.

    What a delightful bunch of Jokers we have!

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