Drinking Water Issue dominates MCC meeting

Drinking Water Issue dominates MCC meeting

Mangaluru: Some of the council members complained that even during the rainy season people of a number of wards face problems to get drinking water and the responsible officers do not take any measures to solve the problems. In response, Mayor Harinath said, “The MCC does not need officers who are not interested in solving the water problem in the city’.


The drinking water issue was raised by the opposition party member Diwakar. He said that we have given assurance of providing 24X7 water supply, but in the Dambel ward, people are unable to get water even once in two days.

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In Suratkal and Valencia also people face problems in the supply of water but no action has been taken to solve the problems.

Corporator Vinayraj said that in the current year we have set a target to collect Rs 45 crore but so far we have collected only 18% of the amount.


Responding to Vinayraj, Mayor Harinath said, “It is very sad to note that so far we have collected only 18% of the set target. We have appointed 300 valve operators but they are unable to solve the problem of supplying continues water. There are a number of complaints related to the supply of water but the concerned persons do not seem to be interested in attending the complaints and solving them. We do not need such officers who fail to do their duty of addressing the water problem within the MCC.”

MCC Commissioner Mohammed Nazir instructed the engineers and junior engineers to collect all the pending water bills within a month. He also said that action will be taken to install Digital water meters.


Former Mayor Mahabala Marla said, “Mangaluru has been selected in the second list of smart cities but there is confusion in the investment of Rs 40,000 crore in 20 years. From 1996, the Mangaluru city corporation has been awarded as the best city corporation in the state. In the first phase Mangaluru was dropped from the list of smart cities. Now there are rumours that Mangaluru was selected in the list of Smart cities because of pressure from MP Nalin Kumar Kateel”.

There was an exchange of words on the issue. Chief Whip Ivan D’Souza said that under the grant from the state and Union government, Mangaluru will be developed under the smart city project and all the elected members should work hand in hand for the success of the project. We need to solve the traffic congestion problem in the city, he added.


Mayor Harinath said that we will call a meeting to solve the traffic issues in the city on October 15, under the leadership of the Deputy commissioner.

Deputy Mayor Sumitra Kariya and others were also present.

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  1. “From 1996, Mangalooru city corporation has been awarded as the best city corporation in the state…” – Report quoting an individual.

    This is the same city where you can see people poop in public, open sewer next to streets, uncollected garbage and surprise water canals for forced joy rides during monsoon. Did I mention how the city gets one of the highest rainfalls and still fails to provide drinking water? If this is the best in state, imagine how bad other urban areas in our kannada naadu are!!

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