Driver Robbed from Lorry in Motion at Kumbra Bridge

Driver Robbed from Lorry in Motion at Kumbra Bridge

Puttur: A group intercepted a lorry near the Kumbra bridge on Mani-Mysuru state highway 88 and looted the driver while it was still in motion earlier this week.

The incident occurred on May 16 night. The lorry, driven by Prasanna of Bandipur in Mysuru district, was on its way to Puttur. Because of the huge humps on either side of the bridge, he slowed down the vehicle. Six persons are said to have arrived in an Alto car. Three of them climbed up when the lorry stopped at the hump. They assaulted the driver and snatched Rs 40,000 in his possession and sped away.

Taken aback, the driver lost control over the wheel. The lorry moved back and hit a parked earth-moving equipment. It, in turn, moved and hit the compound wall of a mosque nearby.

The police from the rural station at Sampya arrived and investigated the matter.

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