Dubai-based Indian national to climb mountain for funds

Dubai, June 2 (IANS) A Dubai-based Indian sales executive aims to raise funds for human trafficking victims in India by climbing Africa’s Mount Kilimanjaro, media reported on Tuesday.

V.J. Nagender Rao, 31, aims to climb Africa’s highest peak to raise $10,000 for the rescue and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims in India, the Khaleej Times reported.

Inspired from a talk by world-renowned Indian social activist Sunitha Krishan, Rao planned the climb.

“It’s a difficult climb where people have also died,” Rao said.

“But I thought I should push myself to raise awareness for the girls. But it’s will power. It’s how much and how badly you want it.”

The money raised through the climb will go to the “Rescue Foundation”, a Mumbai-based NGO that seeks to rescue and rehabilitate human trafficking victims in India, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Rao plans to undertake the eight-day climb in August.

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