Duo Faking Physical Handicap for Begging Arrested

Duo Faking Physical Handicap for Begging Arrested

Mangaluru: Strange are the ways some people adopt to make a living and make a quick buck as well.

Abhishek and Manjit, hailing from Uttar Pradesh, were found moving from house to house in Konaje surroundings earlier this week.

One of them appeared to be dumb and another having walking impediment. Both wore skull-caps used by Muslims.

With the month of Ramadan in progress, they earned sympathy and generous alms too. But it was only until someone discovered that they were absolutely fit and were only faking disability for the sake of begging.

When they had gone to a house, the family members got suspicious and questioned them. When a large crowd gathered, they confessed to their hoax.

They were found carrying fake testimonials in English and Arabic in support of their ‘disabilities’.

They were handed over to the Konaje police for further action.

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