Dussehra themed festival to start next month

Gurgaon, Sep 22 (IANS) From music, food, fashion, shopping to technology, 10 things will be rolled into one to form a mega-fest titled 10 Heads Festival, with the theme around Dussehra. The four-day festival will kick off from October 22 here.

Being organised by Trifecta Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, the multi-dimensional festival will be held at Dhanchiri Camp resort, read a statement.

With Daddy G (Grant Marshall) of the British trip hop group Massive Attack headlining the fest, “O sanam” hitmaker Lucky Ali will be performing too.

The gastronomical experience titled Foodistaan will feature over 30 varieties of culinary practices from various parts of India as well as of the world. From Street Food, Gourmet and Wellness Bazaars, a spice fair to Farmer’s Market, this festival will be a foodies delight.

Foodistaan has been carefully curated by Chef Saby (Sabyasachi Gorai). Apart from a robust participation from leading names in the food and hospitality industries of India, it will also be bringing down pop-up restaurants or bars such as Ibiza’s Bar Barlovento and Berlin’s FluxBau.

The fiesta will also see a festival of Magic & Illusion, curated by Karan Singh, and a showcase of 10 disciplines of magic with street magicians, illusionists and mind-readers, among others.

But the highlight will be the ‘Unburning’, a green effigy minus fire or environmental pollutants.

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