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Aug 02, 2015
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Omzoor, Mermajal P.O. Ė 574 187
Bantwal Taluk, D.K. District

TELEPHONE:†† †37 2323†

LOCATION:†This church is situated at a distance of 14 kms from Mangalore to the north east and is surrounded by Neermarga, Belloor, Modankap, Gurpur parishes.

PARISH PRIEST:†† †Rev. Fr Andrew DíSouza
ASSTT. PARISH PRIEST††:†Rev. Fr Nelson DíAlmeida
CATHOLIC POPULATION:†† †Total : 2,880†††††† Male : 1,381††††††† Female : 1,499NO. OF CATHOLIC FAMILIES:†490


Also known as Arkul and Mermajal.† This parish is one of the three ancient parishes of the diocese.† In 1568, a Franciscan priest built a church at Arkula, where presently Nitya Sahaaya Maatha high School is situated.† This place is very near to the present church structure.† Arkula church was later closed and in between 1601 and 1625 it was re-established and dedicated to the Holy Family.
Bangera kings of Nandavar donated the land to build the present Holy Family Church at Omzoor.† After the return of the Christians from the captivity at Srirangapattana in 1799, the church was rededicated and Fr Joachim Manuel Mendis became the first parish priest of the re-dedicated church.
Omazoor is the Mother Church of Belloor (1920), Kelarai (1935) and Neermarga (1968).† A chapel built at Fermai by Fr Andrew DíSouza was officially erected in 1999.†

During the last 150 years the church building has undergone many renovations, additions and other improvements according to the needs of the time.† Fr Aloysius Rodrigues (1953-1973) renovated and remodelled the building and it was blessed on November 27, 1959.† Fr Andrew DíSouza (1997) renovated the church faÁade and changed the flooring.† He also repaired and added a few rooms to the presbytery.† He obtained w acres of land from Gilbert DíSouza of Kodman and 1 acre from the family of Archbishop Alphonsus Mathias at Kodman free of cost with a view of building a church there.† He is responsible for the Fermai sub-station.
Fr Andrew DíSouza is the 44th parish priest of Omzoor since 1759.

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