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Jul 29, 2015
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Kirem, Aikala P.O. - 574 141
Mangalore Taluk, D.K. District

TELEPHONE†:††††† †229 5211

LOCATION†:† †This church is situated at a distance of 30 kms north-east of Mangalore and is surrounded by Kinnigoly, Bolkunje, Mundkur, Niddodi, and Kateel parishes.

PARISH PRIEST:†† †Rev. Fr Charles Noronha
RESIDENT PRIEST:†Rev. Fr John A. Barboza (Principal)
CATHOLIC POPULATION†:†† †Total : 1,965†††††††† Male : 859†††††††† Female : 1,106


Kirem is one of the most ancient parishes of the Diocese.† In 1730 King Chennaraya Samanth a feudatory of the Nayaks of Keladi donated 6 acres of land to the Christians to build a church at one rupee 2 annas chaalgeni per year.† Fr Joseph Francis Alvares, a Goan priest, lived here from 1759 to 1761 and he offered mass in the thatched building.† The first parish church with a tiled roof was built in 1783.† It was demolished by the soldiers of Tippu Sultan in 1784 and it was found in ruins by Fr Paulinus.† In 1800 the foundation for a new church was laid and a church was raised.† Later, the Portuguese King used to give a grant to the church and to mark this a Cross which looks like the Portuguese crown was kept at the entrance of the church where the present faÁade stands.† In 1810, the church was re-roofed.† During the Padroado Propaganda Controversy there was a split at Kirem as was the case at Kallianpur and Shirva.† Most of the Kirem parishioners accepted the jurisdiction of the Propaganda diocese of Verapoly while the Goan parish priest.† Fr Joachim E. Mark da Costa remained under the Padroado.† The problem was solved when and Kirem was placed under the Padroado in Goa which now had a bishop approved by Rome.

Until 1886 Kirem was the residence of Goan Vicars General of Canara.† Two Goan Vicars General Frs Avelino Jose Mark Baretto (1870-1880) and Joseph Lucas dos Rei (1880-1887) resided at Kirem as the parish priests.† Fr Cajetan Philip Sebastian de Noronha (1887-1903) was the last Goan parish priest of Kirem.

Fr Aloysius John DíSouza (1903-1908) became the first Mangalorean parish preist to serve Kirem.† Fr Salvadore DíSouza built the outstation church at Paladka where he became the founder parish priest.† Fr Emmanuel Rebello (1914-1937) constructed 2 chapels, one at Bolkunje, and the other one at Niddodi.† Fr George Menezes (1937-1951) built the fourth church building in 1943.†

3 huge bells were bought from Germany and a belfry was built to commemorate the Sacerdoral Silver Jubilee of Bishop R. DíMello, a Kirem parishioner, on May 7, 1962.† Fr Valerain Pinto, the 25th parish priest since 1806, has constructed the new presbytery and the Bi-centenary Memorial church hall.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

The once vast Kirem parish was dismembered for the formation of Paladka, Bolkunje, Niddodi, Kelmbet and Mundkur parishes.

A school in the thatched building was started in 1886 and Christened Pompei Elementary School by Fr A.L. DíSouza on 1903, was raised to 8th standard in 1910 during the time of Fr Salvadore DíSouza.† Fr Emmanuel Rebello started a new primary school at Elinje-Patte.† Fr George Menezes started Pompei High School in 1945.† Fr Basil A. DíSouza upgraded the High School to Junior College level.† Fr Abundius F. DíSouza constructed the new Pompei Higher Primary School building.† Fr Aloysius Alvares built a two-storied building for the Pompei Junior College Science department.† Fr Bernard L. DíSouza constructed the new Pompei Degree with college building and 25 computers.

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