Elijah Wood to visit India

Mumbai, August 6 (IANS) Elijah Wood, known to fans worldwide as Frodo Baggins of “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, will head to India on his debut visit, and he will showcase his musical talent with a three-city tour next month. Indian actor Ali Fazal will host him and his friend, who together make a DJ duo.

Wood will be accompanied by Zach Cowie, with whom he makes the Wooden Wisdom duo.

“We love travelling abroad and playing records, so we can’t wait to visit India for the first time, buy killer records and eat delicious food,” Wood said in a statement.

Wooden Wisdom has done a tour across the US promoting their music this year. Now, they will be here from September 3-9 to perform across Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad.

Ali was introduced to Wood via a common friend, said a source close to the “Furious 7” actor.

Confirming that he is hosting Wood and Cowie, Ali said: “It’s an exchange of notes. At the same time, its a kick off for Elijah and Zac on their music venture…taking them around the metro cities and having them introduce their style of music on the consoles.

“I have seen some of his works and he’s a fine actor. Zac’s got a great hold on music, so both of them together is quite the mix. Looking forward.”


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