Engine Fault Delays DEMU Train to Madgaon

Engine Fault Delays DEMU Train to Madgaon

Mangaluru: The Madgaon-bound DEMU train from Mangaluru Central developed engine problems as it reached the Mangaluru Junction station on Tuesday.

The train had left at 2-50 pm and its engine broke down at 3-10 pm. Railway technicians were called for and they tried to set the problem right but there was a delay for over three hours.


Finally, another engine was called for from the central station and linked to the compartments. Finally after a delay of 3 hours, the train left for Madgaon at 6-10 pm.

Some Mumbai-bound passengers who wanted to catch any available onward train from Madgaon to Mumbai were looking worried if they would able to do that.

This would have saved them a lot of time in their journey, they said. One of the passengers who failed to get an air ticket from Mangaluru to Mumbai was travelling to Goa to catch a flight from Dabolim to Mumbai.

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