English Association of UCM Celebrates Works of Leo Tolstoy

English Association of UCM Celebrates Works of Leo Tolstoy

Mangaluru: The English Association of University College Mangaluru (UCM) organised a two-day Exhibition and Reminiscences – Remembering Maharshi Leo Tolstoy at Ravindra Kala Bhavana, UCM here, on April 20.


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The programme was inaugurated by Principal of UCM, Dr Uday Kumar. Charts, posters, photographs, cartoons, paintings, sketches, models, etc, designed by the students depicting Leo Tolstoy’s works were on display.

A book, ‘Art vis-a-vis Violence’ was released by Renowned writer, Prof Dr O L Nagabushana Swamy and Dr Uday Kumar. The book is based on the papers presented on the same topic at a seminar held at the UCM. Co-ordinator of the programme, H Pattabhirama Somayaji briefed about the book to the gathering.

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Dr Nagabushana congratulated English Association of UCM for organising the programme and said, “I have never seen the work of Tolstoy being celebrated at the university level. I am a great admirer of Tolstoy’s work like, War & Peace and Anna Karenina and I have always asked my students to through his works.”

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