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Jul 28, 2015
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Deadlock- Infinite Loop Posted By: Georgie Podgie Print this Joke  Send this Joke to a friend
Boss to Secretary: For a week we will go abroad, so make arrangement.

Secretary to Husband: For a week my boss and I will be going abroad, you look after yourself.

Husband to Secret lover: My wife is going abroad for a week, so let's spend the week together.

Secret lover to Small boy (whom she is giving private tuition): I have work for a week, so you need not come for class.

Small boy to Grand-father: Grandpa, for a week I don't have class 'coz my teacher is busy. Let's spend the week together.

Grandpa (the 1st boss ;)) to Secretary: This week I am spending my time with my grandson. We cannot attend that meeting..

Secretary to Husband: This week my boss has some work, we cancelled our trip.

Husband to Secret lover: We cannot spend this week together; my wife has cancelled her trip.

Secret lover to Small boy: This week we will have class as usual.

Small boy to Grandfather: Grandpa, my teacher said this week I have to attend class. Sorry I can't give you company.

Grandfather to Secretary: Don't worry this week we will attend that meeting, so make arrangement....
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