Europe on the Brink

by Chris Emmanuel

The horrifying events of rape and mass sexual assaults on over two hundred women at Cologne, Germany during the celebration of New Years Eve, has left Germany and the rest of Europe Frightened and staggered. German Chancellor Angele Merkels decision to open the gates for over 1.5 million refugees from Syria, Iraq and North Africa has turned to be perhaps a historic blunder, which may have terrible consequences in years to come. The most disturbing part of this troubling episode was that as a precaution to avoid Right Wing backlash, the German mainstream media and the law enforcement agencies decided to keep this a secret and did not report this incident to the public. But, the beans were spelt and the news was out like a firestorm on the social media. Thousands of Germans from all age groups barged into the streets for an all out demonstration against Angela Merkel and the media, which had repeatedly been lying to them on several boiling issues. Through the social media footages, it was learnt that most of the immigrants were from Sub-Saharan and North African backgrounds and not from the regions, what mainstream European media and the politicians propagated it to be.

Europe is dying a slow death. For the past thirty years or so, its population has been steadily shrinking. Moreover, large scale immigration from North Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Balkans and the subcontinent has fragmented European ethos, threatened European thought and has raised serious doubts over its future. The Jews, who had sought refuge in tolerant Western European democracies after the Nazi holocaust, have fled in heavy numbers to Israel. It is estimated, that about Fifty thousand Jews have left France ever since the January 2015 attack on the Kosher market. The large chunk of indigenous white population is well over the middle age and most statistics indicate that the white population would be outnumbered by 2030. In Brussels, the immigrant Muslim population makes 25%, in Antwerp 50% of the school children are of Muslim background and in London the white British population is now a minority roughly estimating to 37% of the population. In Sweden things are looking gloomy, the huge refugee population from war affected Iraq and the Balkans, has culminated in producing gang wars among themselves, creating no go zones in some areas.

Many Experts believe that Europe has failed in its policy of multiculturalism and pluralism. Over the last twenty years, uncontrolled and mass migration from North Africa and the war torn Middle East has resulted parallel societies within Europe and has permanently fractured any scope for cultural and social integration. Saudi Arabia and other oil rich monarchies have pumped in millions to spread and propagate their regressive and puritanical brand of Islam known as the Wahabi or the Salafi school of thought. The Gulf Monarchs had also created Taliban in the late seventies to overthrow the atheistic Soviets and in the recent times created, structured, trained and financed the world’s most wanted militant Islamic outfit, the ISIS. There are caliphate clubs openly fuming hate against the Jews, homosexuals and the society at large.

Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries refused to intake a single refugee or an asylum seeker from these decimated areas, but promised European Union, that they would sponsor thousands of mosques inside Europe. Almost every European country has an average Muslim population of 8% to 10%. And the population has been the fastest growing in number in comparison to every other population in Europe. Despite, handful of incidents of racists and prejudices, Muslims enjoy relatively high rate of religious freedom and security in Europe than the countries they immigrated from. Yet, most of the population has been proselytized by the Saudi Salafi style of Islam and thus the community has been practicing one of the most orthodox and backward practises of the faith.

The lies and the half truths sold by politically correct politicians have now backfired. The vacuum is now filled by the far right political parties and white supremacist wings, who have been waiting in hidden bushes for years. Who would have thought a few years ago, those far right parties would be leading in polls in open societies like Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark or Belgium. The situation is intensifying day after day and it is going bad to worse. Europe needs a miracle, if it has to get out of this battle without war and bloodbath.

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  Chris Emmanuel D’Souza


  1. “In Brussels, the immigrant Muslim population makes 25%, in Antwerp 50% of the school children are of Muslim background …”

    Why is author bringing up religion in this discussion? Is he trying to imply that Islam is a threat to Europe? A similar talk about minority population in India would immediately label you as a right-wing, moral police from Sangha Parivaara. Why different standards when it comes to Europe ? One for masters and one for peasants?

  2. I believe the young author has not read the history pre world war 2 and 1.There are millions of innocents being killed from all over the world and millions rendered homeless in their own nation.
    Once they purge the minority of Jew from EU and forced settled on arab land of Palestine with five colonial powers.

    Today the new era of colonisation is began started with Afghanistan to Iraq and Libya to Syria.The weapons of mass destruction turned to weapons for destruction.Axis of evil became club of devils.
    Once the champions of humanity became intolerant because their religion.
    The country after country is destroyed just leaving orphans,widows and maimed.
    What Hitler era has documented pre world war 2, is the same tide which change the direction.

    Weapons trade is flourishing in the name of war.Humanity is at risk of extinction.

    Jai Hind

  3. Western European leaders have signed the death warrants of their countries having taken in, and as they continue to take in thousands more immigrants from the Islamic world each year making their “Hijra” to Europe and demanding entry. Once these immigrants arrive in new lands very few of them become professionals, take real jobs and make an honest living, instead most of them live on handouts from the state which they gladly accept as “Jaziya” payments.

    The concept of Jaziya began in the city of Yathrib (Medina) and branched out through large parts of the world, where the “Kufaar” (Non-Muslims) are forced to make regular payments and made to feel subdued in line with the teachings of the Sharia, till the Caliphate was abolished about a 100 years ago.

    There were only 2 countries that broke away from the yoke of slavery, and they were Spain and India. With Europe’s population ageing and very few European babies born, the reality is Europe will become “Eurabia” within a few years. Then Europeans now have two choices:

    a. To kiss democracy goodbye as Sharia will be enforced. Muslims will pay Zakat which is 2.5% of their net savings, whereas non Muslims pay “Jaziya”. Jaziya payments could be excess of 50% or more of their gross income, or whatever the Caliph decides, or face the harshest consequences.

    b. Civil war

  4. SMR.

    Whether you are in the West or in the East there are good and bad people wherever you go. Hence, it is not about people, but about ideologies of those people who commit heinous crimes throughout history, and justify the same through their thoughts, what they think is right and through their ideologies.

    Please do some soul searching too, and STOP blaming every one else for ALL of your problems. If you really need to know the whole story a be an impartial judge of your convenience you should go way back to 622 to a city called Yathrib (renamed Medina) which is now in Saudi Arabia and read what an ideology can do and I quote “The country after country is destroyed just leaving orphans, widows and maimed”…oh I just heard some more people maimed in Belgium.

  5. I live in Germany from last 8 years, I know how the changes are happening. Non-Christian M.Eastern and N.African Migration is a biggest threat to EU. Writer has a very good foresight. Other reader commented here seems like not aware of global happenings and strategies of certian people. (Also please read who provocated Hitler to murder millions). In very few years some of the countries here in EU will become non-christian majority. Many of the Schools here have stopped pork product to School children. Christmas Holidays renamed to December Holidays. Just See how much increase in terror attack on EU ? only in the name of religion. The glory of Europe will be completly gone for ever in few years to come. Just for example see our J&K? do any tourist dare to go there ? Once we used to call it heaven of India. This article is true eye opener for real well wishers of EU. Others are just hate mongers.

  6. “Writer has a very good foresight” writes one Anila.

    Yes – sure, he has a good foresight when it comes to masters. Ask him about the shenanigans of same troublemakers in India and see how quickly his standards would change!!! This is the problem with Beef club. The sanaathana-dhwesha limits their ability to see and acknowledge the threat Hindus face in India. The double standards of Beef Club are nauseating.

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